As is customary in Waldorf schools, the Emerson Waldorf School is governed by a three-fold structure comprised of the Board of Directors, which is responsible for legal and financial matters, the College of Teachers, which is responsible for pedagogical matters, and the Administration, which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school.


The College of Teachers is the guardian of the curriculum, the identity and the mission of the school. This is the body which makes final decisions about which teachers join or leave the school and which programs are offered (within budgetary limits). The College meets weekly, on Thursday evenings, and works collaboratively and through consensus. Its primary mission is to nurture and support the ideals of Waldorf Education within the school. It is comprised of experienced teachers, who have been at Emerson for at least several years, and others who may be invited to join. The College has a Chairperson, and parents are welcome to communicate directly with her about any pedagogical concerns–although it is best to speak first with your child’s class teacher when possible.

Members of the College of Teachers for the 2015-2016 year are:

  • Ingeborg Boesch
  • Jason Child
  • Viorica Comaniciu
  • Patricia Cornell
  • Kim D'Angelo
  • Laura Guinan
  • Peter Moyers
  • Robin Olson
  • Jessie Onuf-Rabius, Chair
  • Therisa Pienaar
  • Rob Rich
  • Kris Ritz
  • Kathleen Stone-Michael
  • Benjamin Trueblood


The Board of Directors is comprised of parents, alumni, faculty, and friends of the school who have been invited to join as members, plus one Parent Representative elected by the Parents’ Organization, and the school’s Administrator, who is an ex-officio member. The Board supports the work of the administration and the College of Teachers by discussing and making recommendations on budgets and finance, legal matters, fundraising and development, and long-range planning. Regular members serve for a term of three years, while the PO representative serves for one year. The Board has several standing committees, including a Finance Committee and a Long-Range Planning Committee, and may establish temporary committees and Task Forces to accomplish special tasks. Members of the community are welcome to refer matters of concern to the Board through written communication with the chairperson or by attendance at the open session of the Board held at the beginning of its regular meetings. Board minutes are kept in a file in the Main Office and are available to the community.

Members of the Board for 2015-16 are:

  • Jake Haas, President
  • Merideth Tomlinson, Co-vice president
  • Jessie Rabius, Co-vice president
  • LisaMarie Smith, Treasurer
  • Keith Bartholomew, Secretary
  • Catherine Belitsky
  • Ingeborg Boesch
  • Mark Eichinger-Weise
  • Mary Kirchoff
  • Bob Levin
  • Lee Marchman
  • Metta Prieto
  • Beverly Stevenson.


We are currently seeking a new Director of Administration.