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International Visitors & Exchanges

1 to 3.5 Month International Exchange Visit

The Emerson Waldorf School has an active student exchange program. Students attending a Waldorf High School internationally may request to visit and attend our school for a minimum of 1 month and up to a full school semester (3.5 months.)  If the request is accepted, an Emerson Waldorf family or family within the school community can be connected to the visiting student's family to arrange a hosting agreement.  Hosting families receive between $500-$1000/month and the student is encouraged to have $200/month spending money. Enrolled visiting students pay $1200.00/month in tuition fees.  No scholarships or financial aid is available for international visiting exchange students. We have had students visit the Emerson Waldorf School from Germany, Austria, France, Brazil, Guatamala, China, Japan, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Visiting international students may use a tourist visit for a 1-3 month visit. International students who will be attending for4 or more months are required to obtain an F-1, I-20 student visa. The Emerson Waldorf School is an approved SEVIS school and is authorized to help facilitate the process of obtaining this once a student has been accepted to our school.
For 1-3 Month Exchange Questions Contact:
Therisa Pienaar
International Programs Coordinator

Diploma-Track International Admissions

The application process for all International students is facilitated by our residential life partner agency, International Education Opportunities (IEO). All applicants must be interviewed and provide recent TOEFL scores. Applicant tours and student visits are scheduled with IEO.
For Admissions Questions Contact:
IEO Admissions Office
+1 (901) US STUDY

ESL Support

Emerson Waldorf School provides ESL support for international students when needed and our  International Programs Coordinator, Therisa Pienaar, can help all international students succeed. In addition, IEO will help make sure the that the student's transition to the American school experience is smooth and successful. IEO will determine the extend of the student's needs in regards to learning English and adapting to America.

SEVIS and I-20 Documentation

Emerson Waldorf School is a SEVIS accredited institution and is able to issue F1 I-20 Form upon student enrollment.  This process is facilitated in coordination with IEO and Emerson Waldorf School’s Designated School Official (DSO).
For SEVIS or I-20 Questions Contact:
Therisa Pienaar
Designated School Official

International Student Housing

Residency and transportation for Emerson Waldorf School international students is provided and coordinated by International Education Opportunities (IEO).  Tours of housing facilities are available by appointment through IEO.
For Housing Questions Contact:
Residential Life Office

International New Student Orientation

For Orientation Questions Contact:
Therisa Pienaar
International Programs Coordinator