Waldorf Education Day & High School Open House

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Waldorf Education Day is a wonderful way to explore our philosophy with our faculty.  Our Early Childhood, Grades, and High School faculty will be providing the following workshops for you to select from:

Early Childhood - The Body as the Foundation to Learning with Ms. Kyle & Ms. Kathleen

Early Childhood - Literacy Begins with Storytelling with Ms. Robin

Early Childhood - Waldorf Early Childhood Best Practices for the Developing Brain with Ms. Andrea

Early Childhood - Wet-on-Wet Watercolor: Color, Not Form with Ms. Patricia

Birth to Age 9 - Waldorf Home Life - A Taste of Simplicity Parenting with Raelee Peirce

Grades 1-8 - Optimizing Brain Development Through Movement with Ms. Stoychev

Grades 1-8 - Form Drawing: Cursive Writing to Geometry with Ms. Borhanian and Mr. Beck

Grades 1-8 - A Teacher's Journey 1st to 8th with Mr. Wiley

Grades 1-8 - Literacy Through Oral Tradition with Ms. O'Connor and Mr. Trueblood

Grades 1-8 - Foreign Language at Emerson Waldorf: The Objectives & Methods with Senora D'Angelo

High School - Fine Art

High School - Embryology

High School - Projective Geometry

High School - Evolution & History

High School - Sustainability

High School - Transcendentalism

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