Annual Events

Emerson Waldorf School has a tremendously rich and vibrant community.  Please join us for the annual events and festivals listed below.  We would love to have you! Contact for more information or check out our online calendar.

The Rose Ceremony

FIRST-OF-YEAR AUG 26, 2014  9:00 AM
END-OF-YEAR    JUNE 5, 2015  2:00 PM

On the first day of school each year, we hold the Rose Ceremony. The whole school joins together in welcoming the 1st graders, as their Kindergarten teachers lead them across the Golden Bridge to greet their new, 1st Grade teacher with a handshake, and receive a rose from a 12th grader. Each Class Teacher then tells a story of the curriculum the class will be covering that year, and the children depart with their teachers for their first 1/2 day of a new grade.

Then at the end-of-year Rose Ceremony, the 1st graders say goodbye to each graduating senior by handing a rose to them and walking them up the aisle, out of the assembly hall. The Rose Ceremonies thus ‘book-end’ the year, bringing it into a full circle.



SEPT 30, 2014 2:00 PM

For the Grades, Michalemas, with all the symbolism, is a wonderful celebration in many Waldorf Schools throughout the world.  Beyond the planning, choreography, and festivities, it is a gift, a gift that brings the community together to see what students can do collectively.  From the first to the 12th grade, students come together as one, in a celebration of deeds for the whole grades and high school – not just for one day but for a week of preparation, each contributing a part.  The spirit, enthusiasm, and life can be felt as the activities unfold.  This is truly the will of St Michael.

Wear your red, yellow, and orange to celebrate with us!

For the Early Childhood, Michaelmas is an intimate celebration, awakening the relationship to Mother Earth and the Cosmic Realm of the rhythm of the year.  The essence of Michaelmas in Early Childhood is a seed planted for the young child to later find a relationship to the experience of the larger community festival beginning in the grades. 


Martinmas/Lantern Walk

Nursery & Kindergarten NOV 7, 2014 5:30pm
Grades 1-3 NOV 10, 2014 5-7pm

Each November EWS holds a lantern walk to celebrate Martinmas.  On the appointed evening the children gather at dusk. Martin is the patron saint of the poor, beggars, and the homeless. The lower grades hear the story of how Martin gave away half his cloak to warm a homeless man on a cold night. The children are encouraged to recognize the light within themselves as they move toward the darkness of winter.

On our special evening, EWS families and friends gather together with their handmade lanterns and walk together through our beautiful wooded campus, singing the beautiful Martinmas songs in German and in English.  Once the entire community has reached the Fairy Meadow, all lights join together to brighten the dark night.  

In the Early Childhood, the Nursery and Kindergarten families have their own celebration.  They begin with a magical puppet show of silk marionettes and afterwards gather with their lanterns and walk together singing through the candlelit pathways of the forest.  We finish by sharing warm cider in the playground or the meadow.



Holiday Faire

NOV 22, 2014, 10am-3pm

Please join us in celebrating the coming of winter and the holiday season with our 6th Annual Holiday Faire. The Faire is a special, magical celebration that provides a wide variety of crafts and activities for children of all ages, fantastic food, storytelling events, live music from students, and much much more. It is a family-run, family-fun event for all, where children and adults alike can make gorgeous, meaningful handmade gifts. In addition to the activities and events, the Forest Shoppe is where beautiful, handmade, original crafts and works of art can be purchased for giving (or keeping!). We hope you will consider joining us for this unique, wonderful event!

Vendors: We are only accepting reservations for EWS parents who have handmade crafts and jewelry to sell for the 2014 Faire.  

Visit our Holiday Faire webpage HERE.


Spiral of Light

DEC 5, 2014 

As the days grow noticeably shorter and the frosty winter nights approach their longest, we all begin to yearn for the light that so recently illuminated our lives. To symbolize this, Kindergarten through Grade 8 participate in a beautiful Spiral of Light ceremony.  Each student walks the spiral path of fresh evergreen boughs, which is decorated with moss, crystals, and stars of gold. 

A single candle lights the center of the spiral and one at a time, and the children walk the spiral. As each child approaches the entrance of the spiral, they receive a white candle in a shiny red apple, which they carry along the path.  They light their own candle from the center candle and then turn outward. On the journey back, they place their light on a gold star.  Gradually, the whole spiral is aglow with lights.  Lyre music softly continues as the children quietly leave the room, their collective lights illuminating our spirits.


Santa Lucia

DEC 15, 2014 

St Lucia day is based on a story from Sweden in which a girl with a pure heart spreads a message of good hope to suffering people during a particularly harsh winter. The oldest eleventh grade girl dresses in white and visits each classroom as the second graders sing. They deliver warm, saffron buns to all the students to symbolize light in this cold, dark season.


Waldorf Education Day

JAN 17, 2015   9 AM - 3 PM

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be a Waldorf student, what’s taught in those beautiful classrooms? Each year the Faculty sponsors a day where adults can step into the shoes of a Waldorf student and learn more about Waldorf Education as they participate in hands-on learning activities just as the children do. The day starts with a talk by one of our faculty members about an aspect of Waldorf education, and then parents choose classes – anything from Learning our Letters, Watercolor Painting, and Movement, to Chemistry, Projective Geometry, or Danté. Classes are followed by a Q&A session and a discussion about the reasons behind our teaching methods. This is an enlightening event not to miss and highly recommended for all EWS parents and anyone else who is curious about why and how Waldorf works!

This event is free, and childcare is provided.


All-School Music Evenings


The music department presents concerts featuring our performance ensembles. The choruses and string ensembles present a variety of selections that showcase they work they’ve done in their rehearsals. The music is diverse and ranges from Bach to Broadway to Bluegrass to Brubeck, and the audiences include everyone from our nursery students to our grandparents.


Senior Projects

APRIL 1, 2015  6:30 PM

All seniors conceive their independent Senior Projects in May of the Junior year, and work with a community mentor throughout the senior year until their presentation to the community in April. Senior Projects challenge the student to learn new skills & perform significant research in a specific area of interest. Recent projects include architectural design, soaring, contra-dance calling, neuroscience research, and writing & directing a one-act play.  This is an event not to miss.  Bring friends and family for an entertaining evening.





Grandparent’s Day

APRIL   2, 2015   8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Grandparents are a very special part of our EWS family. Each year we honor them in the Spring, with a reception, visits to grandchildren’s classrooms, and a special Assembly during which the students demonstrate some of the things they have been doing in class this year.



APRIL 25, 2015 6:30-11:00 PM

Our annual Gala is an elegant affair with delicious food and drink, lively music, and a live and silent auction.  It’s a chance for everyone in the EWS community to put on their cocktail party attire and bring friends along for a wonderful evening of dancing, entertainment, and camaraderie.


May Day

GRADES 1-12                          MAY 1, 2015   2:00 PM

The May Day celebration is a rite of spring at EWS.  The Nursery and Kindergarten families gather together on May 1 to watch the Kindergargen children dance with their classes and then join together for family picnics. The rest of the EWS community gathers to watch Grades 1-5 dance around the May Pole, and then has the opportunity to join in the dancing themselves, as Middle and High School musicians play lively tunes.  Please join us for this enchanting event!



NOV  25, 2014 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
APRIL 2, 2015 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
JUNE 5, 2015 

Three times a year, before Thanksgiving,  for Grandparent's Day, and at the Senior Rose Ceremony the whole EWS community gathers to watch each class present some of their class work to each other, their parents and friends. This provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to see what goes on in the classroom, for students to develop confidence and pride in their accomplishments, for older students to recall their younger years, and for younger children to anticipate journeys yet to come.


High School’s Best in Show

MAY 29, 2015  5:00 PM

The High School faculty and students cordially invite you to our year-end arts celebration at the High School. This "Best In Show" event is an opportunity for the High School students to reflect upon the extraordinary artistic work they have done over the past year and select some of their favorites to show off.  As you begin to picture your child as a high school student, we think you might like to witness the breadth and depth of artistic work experienced by all of our High School students at EWS. An exhibition of visual art work will begin at 5:30 followed by student performances in the Brown Wing from 6-8pm. What might you see?  Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Coppersmithing, Blacksmithing, Woodwork, Bookbinding, Poetry, Drama, Chorus, Instrumental music, Rock Band, Storytelling and more...


Field Day

JUNE 11, 2015 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

On the last full day of school, Grades 1-7 divide into teams and compete in fun games such as egg-and-spoon races, sack races, etc.  What a great way to end the year!









Lake Day

JUNE 11, 2015 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

While the Lower School is busy engaging in Field Day, Grades 8-12 head over to Jordan Lake for a day of chilling, grilling, swimming, castle-building, watermelon fights, volleyball, and all around rest & relaxation.  What a wonderful way to spend the last day of school!  And what beautiful camaraderie our students share after all of their hard work.



JUNE 5, 2015  7:00 PM

Each year we commemorate the graduation of our 12th graders with a ceremony sharing and reflecting on memories and accomplishments as these young adults leave us for the larger world. This is an opportunity for the whole community to say goodbye, and to honor the seniors as individuals and as a group. A reception is held after the ceremony, to which all community members are invited.





Alumni Reunion

JUNE 17, 2015, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Anyone who has ever attended EWS or has been an employee of EWS is cordially invited to reconnect with other alumni and the current EWS community. You'll find a relaxed atmosphere, food and drink, and live music. Gift card at the door welcomes all EWS alumni plus EWS HS students and faculty to choose age-appropriate beverages, wine and craft beer, and indulgent snacks.

Please bring your friends, family, significant others, and instruments for the jam session that will happen after we catch up and enjoy the rhythms of our HS Rock Band and other talented EWS musicians.

Be sure to check out our Alumni Facebook page for photos, events, and alumni happenings!