Did you know that schools all around us are earning thousands of dollars just by their parents going grocery shopping or buying online items?

There are several very easy ways to help support our school program.  You Can Make the Difference!

  • Buy Whole Foods SCRIP at the Lower Grades at pick-up on Wednesday & Friday: EWS earns 5% back on every $1 spent with SCRIP prepaid gift card! 
  • Weaver Street Market: purchase a gift card and ask the cashier to assign it to EWS (#108) and repeat every time you recharge your card. EWS earns 5%, averaging $5K-$6K annually!
  • Food Lion: link your MVP card at your local store or at
  • Harris Teeter: link your VIC card annually at your local store’s checkout or online
  • Target: go to to link your Target credit card to EWS
  • OneCause:  Just go through this site to do your online shopping at well-known retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Gap, etc.
  • GoodSearch: register with this Yahoo! internet search engine to earn money for EWS every time you do an online search or shop through their website:

Contact Danielle Tanzer with any questions:
(919) 523-1744 or