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Simplicity Parenting Gatherings

Details and Registration: Click Here for More Information
Recommended for attending: Purchase of the books, Simplicity Parenting and The Soul of Discipline and the reading of the corresponding chapter.  Audio downloads also available.  
Each 5-Session Course is based on a developmental stage.  For parents of children ages 0 to 2nd Grade, the Governor Course is recommended; for parents of children in Grades 3-7, the Gardener Course is recommended; for parents of students in Grades 8-12, the Guide Course is recommended.  
Each 2 hour workshop includes hand-outs and an audio.  There are 5 workshops in the series:
Soul of Discipline Specific for the Governor, Gardener, or Guide Stage
Simplify the Environment
Simplify With Rhythms
Simplify the Schedule
Filter the Adult World
This is the right workshop series if you are…
  • Overwhelmed by too much stuff
  • Struggling with a loss of rhythm and calm
  • Yelling and feeling out-of-control in your parenting
  • Experiencing parenthood as a burden and not enjoying the company of your own kids
  • Curious about creating a Waldorf-inspired family culture
Imagine making time for fun, connection, relaxation.
Imagine your home uncluttered, peaceful.
Imagine your family’s days acquiring a sense of order, rhythm and flow.
Imagine yourself, centered and confident as a parent.
Imagine your children happier, less demanding, more cooperative.
Join the slow parenting movement and learn ways to simplify and slow down your home environment, create predictable and connecting rhythms, simplify your child’s weekly schedule, and find out the benefits to filtering out the adult world…
CHELSEA, mom to newborn and 2.5 year old, says…
I recently finished a course with Raelee and I am so thankful for all the support, encouragement, and words of wisdom I received from her. I loved how this course made me more intentional about parenting, which will hopefully be a pattern that will last throughout my lifetime. I really feel so much more “on track” as a mother now and like I now have new words and terms to describe so much of what I have been feeling and questioning, which I couldn’t really describe or explain before. I will be coming back to this blog and the Simplicity Parenting website often! Thanks a million!
CHRISTINE, mom to 7 & 13 year olds, says…
Hello Raelee – I just completed the Simplicity Parenting training; I wanted to let you know that although I read Kims’ book  and explored the website and blog, it was actually my encounter with your work that is leading me deeper into my exploration of parent education and support! I  have been an early childhood educator for 20 years, both in and out of  Waldorf education. I am a parent of two lovely girls ages 7 and 13. I so appreciate the clarity and freshness that your voice and authenticity bring to the noble task of parenting and I look forward to connecting with you as my work within this movement unfolds. With gratitude for your endeavors.
A., mom to baby and 3 year old, says…
Hi Raelee -I have been getting up earlier and also taking a quick bath at night. I am also finding that I seem to use the time to stretch or do yoga moves. This is feeling really good to me…I am continuing to do the Compassionate Response meditation every morning and evening. Today I had a couple of trying moments when I just closed my eyes in front of a fussy 3 yo and did the meditation for a minute right in front of her. It seemed to help me respond more calmly and I was able to think more clearly to change the situation effectively. This is hard work, but on the good days I am definitely seeing big changes, especially in my 3 yo’s relationship with her sister. Thanks for being here for me, Raelee.



Blacksmithing Classes for Adults

The 6-week Blacksmithing courses are offered on Tuesdays 6-9PM (3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4/25, 5/2, & 5/9) and Saturdays 9AM-12PM (3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 4/22, & 4/29). Learn the basic forging techniques through the making of a coat hook.  Then pick projects of your own.

Cost is $225 of which 100% goes to blacksmithing and woodwork programs. Stop by the EWS main office for a brochure, or click here.

This course is limited to seven participants per session, so register early!  For information and registration call Mark Eichinger-Wiese (206-922-9026).


Eurythmy Classes for Adults

EWS Adult Eurythmy classes are designed to be taken as a group of 4. There are always 4 classes in a row, then one Wednesday off, followed by a Friday/Saturday intensive. 
The weekend intensives are for people interested in building the basic elements and for those who took part in the June 2016 two-week intensive. The Wednesday classes are for everyone who wants to do Eurythmy and who has some experience. In these classes we will also work with basic elements and especially with the seasonal, festival themes. We may be able to work with the Soul Calendar verses and color for example. If you did not do the June intensive but want to do a weekend intensive, please contact Christina Beck ( The entire year has been scheduled out so that people can choose to do four classes at a time. The intensive group will do most or all of the classes offered, forming a core group with others coming in and out bringing their gifts.
Wednesdays 5:45-7:15pm Eurythmy Room
Session 1
August 31, September 7, 14, 21. No class 28th.
Intensive Friday Sept 30: 4-6pm  and Saturday October 1st: 10 am-12:30.
All times remain the same as above for the rest of the year except Friday, December 30th, class will be 10am-12:30pm.
Session 2
October 5,12, no class 19th, 26, Nov 2nd. [no class 16,23.]
Intensive November 11,12.
Session 3
October 30, December 7, 14, 21.
Intensive [Holy Nights] December 30, 31. [ BOTH CLASSES 10am-12:30pm]

Session 4
February 1,8,15, no class 22nd, March 1.
Intensive March 10,11.

Session 5
March 15, 22, 29, April 5th.
Fees: $85 for a group of 4 classes. $85 for a weekend intensive.
Barter is an option as is paying more.
A minimum number is needed to run the sessions.
To register please e-mail Christina Beck ( at least one week ahead of the class/workshop.