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A Waldorf Early Childhood classroom welcomes the child to a day filled with imagination and inspiration. Focused creative play, rich storytelling, goal-oriented will activities, and healthy social interactions provide the foundation for future academic excellence and personal well-being.

When we look at the first seven years of a child’s life, we see that the young child learns through doing. The child wants to move, explore, create. A natural impulse to imitate the world about them propels children to action. Imitation through play of what is meaningful and true in life is the most important activity for a young child. The Waldorf teacher strives to create an environment worthy of the child’s imitation, and to value and nurture the child’s innate capacity for wonder, reverence, and awe. The simple toys, the beautiful books, the soft color of the room, the nourishing, healthful food, the poems, stories, and songs are seeds planted now which will spring forth in later life.

Waldorf early childhood education provides a protective and nurturing environment where imagination and creativity flourish. Children participate in supervised outdoor play and explorations, singing, games, storytelling, puppetry, painting, coloring, beeswax modeling, sewing, cleaning, baking, gardening, and seasonal crafts. By learning through play, and through participating in activities which are part of life, they develop listening skills, fine motor skills, social skills, concentration, and other skills necessary for academic success. But more importantly, they develop a love of learning, an appreciation of beauty, and a strong connection to the world in which we live.

Nursery Hours: 3-Day (Weds-Fri) or 5-Day (Mon-Fri) 8:30-12:30, 8:30-3:00, and 8:30-5:30 Options
Kindergarten Hours: 5-Day (Mon-Fri) 8:30-12:30, 8:30-3:00, and 8:30-5:30 Options