Patricia Cornell

Kindergarten Teacher •

Miss Patricia has been at EWS for over 15 years. She brought with her many years of teaching experience in early childhood from traditional schools. Miss Patricia is a graduate of Sunbridge College of NY in Waldorf Early Childhood Education, holds her NC State Credentials from Durham Tech and is currently continuing her training in Early Childhood Development and Brain Gym. Her background includes a degree in design from F.I.T. in NYC and over 20 years experience in design and small business management.  Miss Patricia is also a member of our College of Teachers.


Kyle Dunlap

Parent/Child Teacher •
Nursery Teacher

Kyle received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatrical Design from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and her certificate in Waldorf Early Childhood Education from Sunbridge College in Chestnut Ridge, New York. Kyle was previously Early Childhood Faculty at the Waldorf School of Princeton, as well as the lead teacher at the Butterfly House, a mixed-age early childhood home program serving families in Wilmington, North Carolina from 2008 to 2011. Prior to becoming a Waldorf teacher, Kyle lived and worked in Manhattan from 1999 until 2006, where she operated a fabric painting and dying studio while continuing her education in the sculptural arts at the National Academy School.  She strives to have the classroom be a warm and joyful place for the children and is thrilled to have returned to her home state to join the faculty at Emerson Waldorf School.

Andrea Eichinger-Wiese

Kindergarten Teacher •

One of four children, Andrea Eichinger-Wiese has fond memories of a childhood spent in travel, due to her father's career in the Air Force. She developed an interest in Waldorf education while a student at the University of Oregon, from which she received a BA in Art Education.  Soon after she completed her Waldorf Kindergarten Training in Gloucestor England.  Mrs. Eichinger-Wiese has 25 years experience as a Waldorf Early Childhood teacher, including three years of operating her own kindergarten. She has been mentoring kindergarten teachers since 1996 and developed and implemented a curriculum for the Early Childhood Education Program at the Eugene Waldorf Teacher Training School in Oregon, where she served as an adult education teacher from 1992-2002. Andrea Eichinger-Wiese taught at Bright Water School in Seattle from 2005-12 and then at the Portland Waldorf School for two years before joining us at Emerson Waldorf School.

Kathleen Stone-Michael

Nursery Teacher •

Miss Kathleen was born in Plattsburg, New York, received her undergraduate degree from SUNY Binghamton and her Masters in Synaesthetic Education from Syracuse University. She taught for several years at all grade levels, from K- College, and then went back to school for a degree in Interior Design. After working in commercial and residential design for a few years, she returned to teaching and trained in Waldorf Early Childhood Education at Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, NY. She then ran an in-home nursery in Atlanta, Georgia for 7 years before moving to Chapel Hill in 2001, enrolling her son at EWS, and becoming our third Kindergarten teacher. In 2004, she started our first Nursery class, and continues as a Nursery teacher. She also spearheads our puppetry program, giving puppet shows at EWS and in the wider community.

Robin Olson

Kindergarten Teacher •

Miss Robin has been teaching in our Kindergarten since 1995, and has two daughters who are alumnae of EWS. She has a BFA in Theater and Education from Arizona State University, and has been a Marketing Director, a freelance writer, and has taught theater at High School level. She did her Waldorf Early Childhood training at Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, NY.  Miss Robin also loves horseback riding, and teaches horseback riding lessons on the weekends.  She also serves as Chair of the EWS College of Teachers and serves on the EWS Board of Directors.

Menolly Bentley-Dyess

Kindergarten Assistant, Andrea Eichinger-Wiese's Class 

David Hamilton

Nursery Assistant, Kyle Dunlap's Class

Kayoko Hasegawa

Nursery Assistant, Kathleen Stone-Michael's Class



Megan Phelam

Kindergarten Assistant, Robin Olson's Class

Nikoo Roodi

Nursery Nap Teacher & EC Extended Day Assistant

Natasha Vinas

Kindergarten Assistant, Patricia Cornell’s Class