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"In a society that may be nudging children prematurely into adulthood, Waldorf schools preserve the magic and fairy-tale wonder of being a child." – Parenting Magazine

Our Nursery program is for children who turn 3 years old by or after September 1st when we have spots available.  We offer two Nursery classes; a 3-Day Program (Wednesday-Friday) or a 5-Day Program. Each class has a Lead Waldorf-trained Teacher and an Assistant. Classes have 10-12 children ages 3 and 4 who are potty trained.

We offer a 1/2 Day Program 8:30am-12:30pm, a Full Day Program, 8:30am-3:00pm, and an Extended Day Program 8:30am-5:30pm.  A snack is prepared and provided by the teacher and children each day at 10:30am, 1:30pm, and 4pm.  Parents supply their child with a healthy lunch which the children eat at noon. Please see our Nursery Brochure.

Since Nursery school is a time when most children are just coming out of the home for the first time, the rhythm of the Nursery section of the Early Childhood program is simpler than that of the kindergarten. The setting is home-like; gentle, slow, and intended to give the children a sense of being part of a big family. In the Nursery, the children are offered the possibility of participating in the traditional activities that take place in the home: cooking and baking, washing and ironing, cleaning, and gardening. The activities provided allow the children to engage in the work of the adult. Because these activities serve a purpose and are filled with meaning, they help the children become grounded and enter more fully into life at a later age.

Young children love to play. This is the age when they transition from parallel play to social play. That means learning how to be with another human being in a kind and gentle way. Often, this is the first time the child is part of a group, so adjusting to each other and learning to take turns and take part in a circle is a big step for young children. The Early Childhood teachers role model behavior worthy of imitation and meet each child with warmth, respect, and loving care.

In our Nursery program, there is a strong rhythmic element. Through rhythm, a sense of security and a feeling of well-being develops in the child. Each day has a rhythm, which begins with a period of play and work and is followed by circle time with verses, rhymes, and songs. Next, a warm and healthy snack is provided. Then, following a period of outdoor play, the morning session ends indoors with a story and lunch. Each week has a rhythm, as well; there is a day for baking, a day for painting, another for soup-making, and so on. Our snacks are served in a weekly rhythm. The yearly rhythm is celebrated through seasonal festivals and activities which serve to foster a connection to the natural world and deepen the child’s awareness of the world around them.


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Kathleen Stone-Michael

5-Day Nursery Teacher


Kyle Dunlap

3-Day Nursery Teacher