As a Waldorf high school, we strive to meet the changing needs of the adolescent with rigorous, honors-level study of the humanities, sciences, & mathematics; opportunities for artistic, practical & creative self-expression; a rich, diverse cultural life rooted in a healthy social climate inclusive of all; and social learning with a focus on community service.

Each school day begins with the Main Lesson, a ninety-minute period devoted to intensive work in an academic subject. The Main Lesson curriculum is studied in blocks, in a multi-disciplinary way. Class meetings are conducted seminar-style, including intensive discussion and hands-on investigation. As the block progresses, each student creates a Main Lesson Book, which includes essays, drawings, maps, poetry, lab reports–a unique interpretation by the student of the material which has been presented and discussed in class over the block period of three to four weeks. These Main Lesson Books are graded by the teacher and returned to the student as a permanent, beautiful record of his or her individual learning.

Rounding out the curriculum are additional year-long courses and Senior Seminars in English, history, mathematics, and foreign language, plus advanced-level chorus, instrumental music, theater arts, visual arts, practical arts, social learning, and movement classes.

Traditional Waldorf curriculum does not include Advanced Placement courses; therefore they are not offered at EWS. All students take the same courses, with very few exceptions. Most courses in the high school meet or exceed the traditional “Honors” level.

High School Hours: 8:10am-3:15pm Monday-Friday

Curriculum Overview by Grade

Ninth Grade: Power of Observation

MAIN LESSON BLOCKS: Mythology, Comedy & Tragedy, Modern World, History through Art, Probability, Anatomy, Geology, Thermodynamics, Organic Chemistry Year-long - English 1, Algebra 1, Geometry, Spanish 1, Spanish 2

Tenth Grade: Power of Comparison

MAIN LESSON BLOCKS: Odyssey, History Through Poetry, Sophomore Class Play, Greek & Roman History, Ancient World, Trigonometry and Surveying, Physiology, Climatology, Mechanics, Chemistry of Acids, Bases & Salts Year-long - English 2, Current Events, Geometry, Algebra 2, Spanish 2, Spanish 3

Eleventh Grade: Power of Analysis

MAIN LESSON BLOCKS: Parsival, Divine Comedy, Renaissance, Islamic World, History through Music, Projective Geometry, Botany, Embryology, Electricity/Magnetism, Modern Atomic Chemistry Year-long - English 3, US History, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Spanish 3

Twelfth Grade: Power of Synthesis

MAIN LESSON BLOCKS: Transcendentalist Authors, Modern Question in Literature, Senior Class Play, History through Architecture, World Since 1945, Calculus, Zoology, Optics, Biochemistry, Human Development and Consciousness Year-long - English 4, Precalculus, Calculus, Elective offerings in the humanities and the sciences