Senior Projects

All seniors conceive their independent Senior Projects in May of the Junior year, and work with a community mentor throughout the senior year until their presentation to the community in April. Senior Projects challenge the student to learn new skills & perform significant research in a specific area of interest. Recent projects include architectural design, soaring, contra-dance calling, neuroscience research, and writing & directing a one-act play. Check out recent senior projects below.

Aaron Lindeke-Myers

Scientific Study of the Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Mood and Math Test Performance

Bennett Williams

Exploration of the Fusion of Modern and Hip-Hop Dance, with Original Choreography, including Live and Video-Recorded Performances

Brooke Hollar

Original Christian Musical Compositions Influenced by Solar Flare Patterns and Bird Call Recordings, including Live Musical Performance

Camilla Lamb

Cooking & Community Service:  A Series of Planning and Cooking Meals for Others in a Service Environment, including  Ronald McDonald House & EWS Cafe

Caseyleandra Walsh

Kit-built Guitar and Live Musical Performance


Charles Monroe

Wrote and Directed An Original Play, “Entropy:  Who Was Henry Ivens?”

Colyer Durovich

A Personal Study of Transcendentalism and Mindfulness

Djahna Garvey

Fashion Design and Creation

Griselda Poou-Sub

The Study of Q’eqchi, an Indigenous Language of Guatemala

Hannah Dyess

Design and Creation of A Japanese Copper Water Feature

Linwei Zhang

The History of Rock Music in China, including Live Musical Performance

Mariah Dahill-Moore

American Sign Language, including Live Performance

Samantha Davis

Storytelling and Folktales, including Live Performance

Sandra Coc Cucul

Paintings Inspired by Nature