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U.S. History

In our History classes, each grade will focus on similar periods of North American History, spanning more than 600 years, but at different depths and from different perspectives.

History Block, 9th grade

The 9th grade History class will identify the faces, cultures, institutions, and movements that comprise the early tapestry of U.S. History. We will explore the characteristics of native societies that lived in North America just before the Europeans settled there. Then, we will focus on the first European settlers, their institutions of law, slavery, and private property, their establishment of government independent of Great Britain, westward expansion, and their civil war.

History Block, 10th grade

The 10th grade will focus on the causes and on-the-ground experiences of European settlement in North America, the American Revolution, Indian “Removal” and westward expansion, slavery and abolition, the Civil War and reconstruction, the industrial revolution and the labor movement, the early feminist and civil rights movements, World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II.

History Block, 11th grade

The 11th grade will ponder the “what ifs” of U.S. History, moving from the European conquest of North America through present time. What if, for example, the Wampanoag tribes in the Massachusetts territory had not been so devastatingly susceptible to European-borne plagues, such as Hepatitis A? Would Europeans have been able to settle the shores of what was to become the Plymouth Colony?

History Block, 12th grade

The 12th grade will take a more in-depth look at the personalities who helped transform life in North America throughout U.S. History. Characters and collectives such as Helen Keller, the American Anti-Slavery Society, Eisenhower, and Malcolm X will illuminate the complexity and non-linearity of life dedicated to active participation in U.S. Society. The 12th grade will also go behind the scenes to examine how historians, authors, and political commentators have interpreted history. We will critique history textbooks and common mythology, and sharpen our research, argument, and writing skills.