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1st Grade

Infusing Academics with Wonder and Reverence

The children come to first grade full of curiosity and are met by their teacher who fosters the skills necessary to learn, to work, and to play in an atmosphere of warmth and reverence. Many subjects are introduced, and even if the child is already familiar with the content, the wonder and beauty that the teacher brings hold the students’ attention as they start on their academic path. The students hear folk and fairy tales that will lead to letters and simple writing. Nature stories introduce the qualities of the numbers. From knitting and modeling with beeswax, to the daily movement and eurythmy, to finger games and verses, to singing and reciting poetry, the children actively engage in their learning process. Playing the recorder, performing simple chores, celebrating the festivals and participating in cooperative games are also part of the first grader’s experience. In addition, EWS first graders begin learning German and Spanish through immersion into songs, stories, verses, and games, developing a sense for foreign languages and cultures, as well as a lifelong love of learning languages.

Taking three days to learn a single letter may seem long but it is the depth of that learning that allows the child to move forward with confidence.

Coming to first grade means a student will have the opportunity to look out into the world and begin to develop his or her discernment capabilities. The first lesson taught is the drawing of straight lines and curved lines. This simple task, performed with intention and care, lays the foundation of how the students are asked to approach their work. From that day forward, a teacher may refer back to this first lesson, even in eighth grade. Each year builds on the ones before and a class teacher carries not only the present but the past and future of the elementary grades.

Special Subjects

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: German & Spanish (Songs, Dances and Games, Poetry and Stories)

HANDWORK: Knitting (for coordination skills)

EURYTHMY: Establishing Timing, Coordination, and Spatial Awareness

MUSIC: Singing, Pentatonic Flute, Lyre

1st Grade

Kris Ritz

Grade 1 Teacher