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2nd Grade

Active Thinking, Keen Discerning

The curriculum and experiences in the second grade year build on the foundation of first grade, transitioning the students from the experience of one and the whole to duality and comparison. The children enter into second grade with an established relationship with their class teacher. This sets the stage for an easy start, and the class is ready to get to work from the first day of school. The scope of the second grade curriculum juxtaposes fables with legends drawn from diverse cultures. The stories further develop the students’ writing and reading skills. Descriptions of the animals in the fable precede the story, which is told without moralizing. The students gain a deep intuitive grasp of human moral lessons brought through the characterizations of the various animals. At the same time, the highest moral striving of humanity is portrayed through legends of individuals and their accomplishments. On one hand, the stories of noble deeds and self sacrifice cultivate a sense of wonder and admiration for human striving; on the other hand, the animals, with more self-serving antics, often mirror the children’s lower self. This polarity is seen so clearly in the second grader; in hearing these ancient stories, the child is able better discern him or herself in sometimes a humorous or other times a deeply meaningful manner.

Coming to second grade gives the student the opportunity to gain the tools and skills for active thinking and working. The Language Arts lessons include parts of speech, more writing, and oral recitation. The four operations of Math are continued using memorization, practice, and more challenging problems. Place value and adding and subtracting with carrying and borrowing are introduced. For the child, this second grade year is a working year and a social year, as the child learns how to be a part of a class, while exploring his or her independent nature.

Special Subjects

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: German & Spanish (Songs, Dances and Games, Poetry and Stories, Alphabet and Numbers)

HANDWORK: Knitting and Purling, Crochet, Design

EURYTHMY: Establishing Timing, Coordination, and Spatial Awareness

MUSIC: Pentatonic Flute, Lyre, Folk Songs, Singing

2nd Grade

Shannon Wiley

Grade 2 Teacher