Extra Lesson Classes

During the early years, children progress through a series of developmental stages, which lay the foundation for capacities that support academic and social success in school and throughout life. Movement through play and games, along with rest and proper nutrition, supports progression through these stages. These early years focus on cultivating “body senses” which give the child the first feelings of self. When children feel comfortable with their bodies, they can more easily find a relationship to the space around them through balance and movement. When developmental milestones are met in a healthy way, the foundations for learning can unfold unencumbered. Regardless of a child’s intelligence and early experiences, some lags or blockages in these milestones can occur, resulting in poorly controlled movement, speech difficulties, academic challenges, organizational or management problems, and emotional stress. If there are lags in development stages, higher cortical areas must take over functions, which may result in a loss of concentration, learning difficulties, and stress for the child. Many children today show an inconsistent pattern of development even though they were raised in a supportive environment. However, there are many ways to intervene and help the children reach their full potential.

Initial Extra Lesson classes can evaluate the stages of development and assess whether they have progressed as expected or if some support is needed to complete a developmental stage. Continuing Extra Lesson classes are offered for individuals or small groups at the recommendation of a teacher. A series of Extra Lesson classes typically lasts for 6 weeks. Students may complete only one session or have years of Extra Lesson work. These lessons include specifically-designed movement, painting, form drawing, and clay activities taught by the Educational Support Coordinator.

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