Rosco Davis

After School Director, Lower School •

Rosco is a grounded but eternally youthful soul. His path lead him to Waldorf education through college friends and family ties to Emerson Waldorf School. “As soon as I visited Emerson in 2013, I knew I wanted to be part of the community and become a teacher there.” Rosco is a wellness and travel enthusiast with a taste for adventure. He is excited to bring new life, energy, and ideas to the After School program. Your kids will look forward to an engaging and safe experience (as well as an awesome snack) in After School with Rosco!

Ingeborg Boesch

Pedagogical Chair

Born and raised in Marbach, Germany, Frau Boesch’s deep understanding of Waldorf education began when she herself was a student in the original Waldorf school, founded in 1919 in Stuttgart. Later she graduated from the University of Munich, then did her Waldorf Teacher Training at Emerson College in England, where she met her husband, Eric. They taught at the Edinburgh Waldorf School then moved to Chapel Hill in 1998 to teach at EWS. Over her career, she has been a teacher of German and Handwork, a teacher-trainer and mentor to schools in the UK and US, and a Class Teacher, having taken a class from grade 1 through 8. After retiring from teaching in 2012, Frau Boesch now serves as our Pedagogical Chair.

Robyne Borhanian

Grade 7 Teacher •

Robyne Borhanian began working at the Emerson Waldorf School eleven years ago and during this time was awakened to her love for teaching. At this time she began her Waldorf teacher training at Antioch New England Graduate School in New Hampshire. Her two oldest children attended the school, and their positive experiences increased Robyne's commitment to Waldorf education. Robyne completed her Master's in Education at Antioch and her Waldorf teaching credentials for both Early Childhood and Elementary education in 2010. Her oldest two children have gone on to attend college and now have successful careers, one a programmer for Google, the other a freelance screenwriter and composer. Robyne's youngest two continue to attend the Emerson Waldorf School. Robyne is particularly interested in ensuring that the learning and behavioral needs of all children are embraced and nurtured through a strong connection between teacher and child.

Jason Child

Music Director •

Jason Child has been the Director of Music at Emerson Waldorf School since 2005. He became a full-time school music teacher in 1994 while living in Philadelphia and working in inner city public schools. Before coming to EWS, he taught in both public and independent schools, while also maintaining a private music studio, which means he has worked with children from age six months through 12th grade. Mr. Child grew up in Virginia, has a BA in Music from Earlham College, a Master’s in Music Education from Florida State University, and has done Foundation Studies coursework through the Center for Anthroposophy in Wilton, New Hampshire. He has also been a professional singer and plays the guitar and the trombone. At EWS, Mr. Child teaches Grade School Music classes, Chorus to grades 5-12, and Band to grades 6-12. He also serves on the Leadership Council of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and is Vice President of the Association of Waldorf Music Educators. Mr. Child’s four children have all attended EWS.

Viorica Comaniciu

Grade 4 Teacher •

Ms. Comaniciu joined the EWS faculty in 2009, bringing 15 years of Waldorf teaching experience with her. She earned her Teaching Diploma (Literature and Linguistics) in 1983-87 and her post grad Teacher Certification in 1990 in Brasov, Romania. After 7 years teaching at public school, she received her Diploma in Waldorf Education in Bucharest, Romania in 1992 where she taught grades 1-5 in the newly-founded Waldorf School. In March 1997 Viorica won the green card lottery and immigrated to the United States with her husband and their two-year-old son.  A few months later a second son was born. Finding joy in working with very young children inspired Viorica to enroll in the Early Childhood Teacher Training at Sunbridge College, NY in 2000-2002 and to work in Pre-Kindergartens and Kindergartens in various places. In 2001 she took over a Pre-School group at the River Valley Waldorf School, then a Kindergarten group, and then a 1st grade class which she taught through 5th grade. Ms. Comaniciu has just taken an EWS class from Grade 1-8 and is taking over the Grade 4 class, which she intends to carry through Grade 8 as well.

Kim D'Angelo

Spanish Teacher, Grades 1-8 •

Kim DAngelo grew up in Montana and graduated from Montana State University with a BA in Modern Languages. She studied in Ecuador, where she served as principal flautist with the Cuenca City Symphony, and has also spent time living in Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, and Guatemala. She and her Peruvian husband spent over 10 years in Florida, where she taught Spanish for 6 years in public high school and also private music lessons. During this time, Kim rediscovered Waldorf education from a parent's perspective, and was one of the founding parents of a Waldorf initiative in St. Petersburg, Florida.  She began Waldorf teacher education training, completing a spring course in 1999. Kim has completed foundation studies and foreign language workshops. In December 2005 the D'Angelos moved to North Carolina to be part of the EWS community. Her son graduated in the class of 2013, and her daughter is in the high school. Kim has taught Spanish in 1st-8th since fall of 2006, including 3 years in the high school, where she developed a high school Spanish curriculum that connects and builds upon what is learned in the lower school, meets state standards, and follows Waldorf pedagogy. Each summer Kim enjoys an amazing trip with students to Guatemala, where they collectively build houses, schools, and put their Spanish skills to use!

Mark E-W (Artist in Residence)

Blacksmithing, Practical Arts, Photographer •

Mr. E-W, as we know him on campus, is our Artist in Residence at Emerson helping Mr. Moyers in the woodshop, instructing high school blacksmithing and evening adult blacksmithing classes in the EWS smithy, and photographing campus events. His career before retirement was predominantly behind a camera including teaching assignments as a photography instructor at Colorado State University and as a visiting professor at Montana State University in film and graphic design. In the mid 1970's Mr. E-W worked in the Hollywood film industry. He was retired due to a leg injury from an Oregon law enforcement agency where he served nine years as a sworn officer and training coordinator, and as a teacher at the Oregon Board of Police Standards and Training. Off campus Mr. E-W volunteers on the board of directors of several justice non-profit organizations and ROC Wheels, a wheel chair non-profit organization which brings mobility to severely handicapped children around the world. Other volunteer positions prior to his family's move to North Carolina included president of the board of an independent blood bank and serving on the vestry of Saint Mark's Cathedral in Seattle. Mr. E-W's wife Andrea Eichinger-Wiese is a kindergarten teacher at EWS, his daughter Alex graduated from the EWS high school in 2017, and his son Hans is a musician in Portland, OR.

Kent Ford

Math Teacher Grades 7, 9, 11,

Mr Ford Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Davidson College in 2009 where he received the "William D. Vinson Award" from the Department of Mathematics. This award recognizes unusual mastery in the field and significant promise for further study.

"I love mathematics as an exploration of fundamental patterns, lending a guiding language to mystical inquiry."

Ted Hall

Athletic Director & PE/Movement Teacher •
Ted joined the Emerson faculty in January 2015 as the Developmental Circus Arts teacher. He brings his diverse background to support cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development through his movement classes and athletics.
Growing up in New Hampshire, Ted spent his summers on Lake Winnipesaukee and winters in the White Mountains fostering a love for movement and the great outdoors. In addition to competing in running, swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, boating, skiing, and snow boarding, he played team sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball. At Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine, Ted was the captain of the men's soccer team and graduated with a degree in Government and French. Over the years, Ted has competed in over 100 triathlons of all distances, 24-hour mountain bike races, snowshoe races, cyclocross, and adventure races and performed as a clown in a youth circus. He coaches youth soccer, basketball, baseball, and cross country.
Ted was the movement teacher at the Pine Hill Waldorf School in Wilton, NH before moving with his family to Chapel Hill in 2013. He studied Spacial Dynamics under Jaimen McMillan at the Spacial Dynamics Institute in NY, and graduated from the 5-year program in 2016. Prior to becoming a teacher at Pine Hill, he served as the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and volunteered as a parent of his children who attended the school from early childhood.
To become a teacher at Pine Hill, Ted retired from a successful career in business, where he was a principal for the management consulting firm Hewitt Associates. He was also the Chair of the Board of Directors of Harbor Homes, a dynamic non-profit serving the homeless population in southern New Hampshire.
Currently, Ted lives in Chapel Hill with his wife Gina and their six children.

Amy Kortus

Language Arts, Grade 8; Humanities, High School •

Amy Kortus teaches English Literature, which is fitting since she can often be  found reading a book while attempting to accomplish other tasks (folding laundry, making dinner, waiting for the light to change). Amy received a B.S. in Literature with a focus in creative writing from Wheaton College, then went on to complete a M.S. in Church History at Wheaton the following year. For the last ten years, Amy has been teaching in a variety of capacities: in a high school classroom teaching English, at the kitchen counter homeschooling her children, and in her music studio giving private harp lessons. Amy has done teacher training in Wilton, is enrolled in Foundation Studies, and has attended Renewal Courses in New Hampshire. Amy and her husband Thomas live in Durham, where they take turns keeping track of their chickens (nine), children (four), and mismatched socks (nineteen and counting).

Derek Kratzer

Strings Ensemble Teacher •

Derek Kratzer earned his Master’s in Music Education from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music where he studied string pedagogy under Dr. Brenda Brenner.  While at IU, he taught extensively in the Fairview String Project and also assisted Mimi Zweig in the IU String Academy.  As a double bass player, he performed in Indiana University orchestras and concert bands, and spent several years as a member of a bluegrass band and of various jazz combos.  He has toured in the US and Ireland, and shared the stage with groups such as the Del McCoury Band, David Grisman Quintet, Rusted Root, and Hot Buttered Rum String Band.  His love of teaching began with private bass and guitar lessons, and was deepened through an Americorps term in which he mentored middle school students and led an after-school guitar club.  He loves spending time outdoors gardening, hiking, and running, and is excited to have the opportunity to be involved in Waldorf education.

Carol Kubik

Handwork Teacher •

Ms. Kubik is our Handwork teacher for grades 1-8. She was born in Florida, and attended the University of Florida, studying Humanities and Art. She then worked in a retail establishment and taught handicapped children for a few years, until she had her own children and discovered Waldorf Education. She did her Waldorf teacher training at Sunbridge College in Spring Valley New York, studying child development as she was experiencing the development of her own children. She did Waldorf Handwork training with Greta Frolich, and Early Childhood Training, also in Spring Valley. She joined the faculty of EWS in 1988 as the Handwork teacher, and taught EWS’s very first graduating class. Ms. Kubik took a break from teaching for a few years when she had her third child (but continued mentoring the Handwork program), and then picked up full time teaching again as her daughter entered school. Her three children are all alumnae of EWS. Ms. Kubik was instrumental in starting our Children’s Woodland Shop, many years ago, on the deck of the current Kindergarten. She was also our 1st delegate to AWSNA, the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.

Suzanne Mays

Lyre Teacher

The Emerson Waldorf School has been a large part of my life and my husband's  since 1983, when we had first discussions with Barbara Shell, Eve Olive, and Olga Wierbicki  to create the school. Our daughter and son attended the Emerson Waldorf School. Crystal was in Barbara Shell's combined 2nd/3rd grade class in September 1984.  Zephyr started in Alwyn Moss' kindergarten that year and the following year in grade 1 with Keith Hill. Our son's class – led by Ben Bingham for the last two years of middle school – was the first 8th grade to graduate from Emerson Waldorf School.  My professional work is as a certified music practitioner ( bringing live, prescriptive-therapeutic music to the bedside for those who are ill or at the end of life. The instrument I use is a large 49-string lyre. At the Emerson Waldorf School my lyre has been heard every December at the annual Spiral of Light.  This school year of 2012-2013 begins my seventh year assisting Jason Child, the school's Music Director, with the lyre program for grades 1-4.

Kristin McGee

Biodynamic Farming Instructor •

Kristin McGee has had her hands in the earth since 1999 when she headed out to Perry-winkle Farm in Chatham County to learn a little about growing vegetables.  She took that knowledge to the Peace Corps where she was an agriculture volunteer in Kenya, training women's groups on sustainable farming practices and working with children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.  Upon returning to the U.S in 2003, Kristin kept farming at an organic family farm while also pursuing her Masters of Social Work at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  It was starting a family that brought her and her husband back to North Carolina.  Kristin is thrilled to be a part of the Emerson farm.  When she is not at the farm, Kristin can be found near the EWS Kindergarten with her son, or at the Lower School with her daughter, or at home working with her hands.

Peter Moyers

Practical Arts Teacher •

Mr Moyers joined the Emerson Waldorf School faculty in 1992 as  a class teacher and took a class from grades 1-8. After a year’s sabbatical in Europe, he returned to EWS and continued class teaching in the middle school. In the fall of 2009, he became the Practical Arts teacher; he also helps to teach circus arts and helps to direct many class plays. Mr. Moyers was born in England, spent his first three years in the Sudan, and the next ten years in Ireland. He then moved back to England and finished school and University there and in France. He did his Waldorf Teacher Training at Emerson College. Mr. Moyers has also worked as a carpenter and in a professional theater company.  He has been known to catch hummingbirds in his hand, and then release them when you least expect it! He is married with four children, all of whom have attended EWS.

Shannon O’Connor

Grade 6 Teacher •

Ms. O’Connor graduated with a BA/BFA from Parsons School of Design in NYC, with a dual degree from Eugene Lang College through the New School of Social Research in Liberal Arts. Her love of art has taken her to study in Italy and France, and her love of music brought her to Ireland, Denmark, and all around America. She paints on anything from canvas to salvaged barn boards, to the downstairs walls in Duke Chapel. Ms. O’Connor visited this area when she was 21 for a conference on cultural diversity within the Waldorf movement and fell in love with the school. After moving here to work on the Haw River Festival, she found herself working at EWS within a year. She has worked in Kindergarten, her own Home Nursery, EWS After School, Summer Camps, and loves teaching High School Art as well.  She completed her Waldorf Teacher Training at Antioch, New Hampshire.

Candor Plaza

Summer Camp Director •

Candor received 12 years of Waldorf education as a student at Hawthorn Valley, then Pine Hill, and finally High Mowing Waldorf School. She has been a parent at EWS since 2005 with one daughter who attend High School and another  still in Elementary! She has worked with children in rural community schools and camps, inner-city schools, South American village schools, and right here as an EWS summer camp counselor since 2008. Candor has also supported the Middle School classes with the development and facilitation of the Middle School Coming of Age Program since 2007. Additionally, she is a Birthing From Within Childbirth Mentor and Doula and a certified Life Coach specializing in Presence-Based Coaching. Candor is thrilled to bring together fun-filled art and nature-based Summer Camp programs. Summer Camps serve the EWS community, as well as the broader local community of children who look forward to their Waldorf summer experience all year long!

Kris Ritz

Grade 2 Teacher •

Miss Ritz joined the EWS faculty in 2008 after spending an inspiring year living in an anthroposophical life-sharing community, Plowshare Farm, where she assisted courageous adults with developmental disabilities who reside there with the various aspects of home life, as well as guiding workshop activities. Prior to that, Miss Ritz led a talented group of students from the first grade into the sixth grade at the Austin Waldorf School, where she was a member of the College of Teachers and served as grades faculty co-chair. Whether on the farm or in the classroom, she gratefully recognizes the many lessons the residents and students have taught or deepened within her, and how we all connect with compassion, respect, humor, and purposeful work. Born in upstate New York and living in a variety of places since, Miss Ritz graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. During her advertising career, she discovered Waldorf education. A new pathway unfolded for her, and she returned to school to receive Waldorf certification and a Masters in Education from the Antioch New England Graduate School. Miss Ritz also enjoys traveling (near or faraway), reading, running, and a challenging hike up a mountain.


Malina Stoychev

Grade 8 Teacher •

Malina Stoychev joined our faculty in 2010, bringing 16 years of Waldorf teaching experience. Born in Bulgaria, Malina earned her B. A. in Elementary Teacher Education in Shumen (Bulgaria), added a B.A. in Curative (Waldorf) Education in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, and took part in a Mentoring Seminar, sponsored by AWSNA, 2006 through 2009. In the beginning of her teaching career, some 20 years ago, she taught ESL in Shumen, Bulgaria and was a class teacher (first through third grade) in a developing Waldorf School in her hometown. Later Malina moved with her family – first to Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, and then to Glenmoore, PA, where she worked as a house parent, art therapist, and educator at Camphill (Waldorf) Community, a group home for people in need of special care. In 2001, Malina took a first grade and led them on through fifth grade at the River Valley Waldorf School, PA, where she then worked for three years as Pedagogical Administrator and Subjects Teacher.

Benjamin Trueblood

Grade 5 Teacher •

Mr. Trueblood joined the EWS faculty in 2006 and taught that class from 2nd to their culminating 8th grade year; he began a new class of students in 1st grade for another grades journey the fall of 2013. He was born in Chicago, attended the Chicago Waldorf School beginning in Kindergarten, and was a member of their first High School graduating class. He attended Warren Wilson College in Asheville for 2 years, where he studied “everything”, and then took a break to travel in India for 6 months. Returning to the States, he transferred to the University of Georgia and studied Anthropology, which included fieldwork in Budapest and Transylvania on the Roma people and the interaction between music and the cultural and political position of the Roma. Mr. Trueblood is also interested in experimental “Music Concrete” and recently released a record album (Record Link ) and CD (CD Link).

Shannon Wiley

Grade 3 Teacher •

Mr. Wiley joined EWS in 2007 as a first grade teacher and took his second first grade in 2015. He was born and raised in the wild northern kingdom of Vermont until he was moved to AZ. There he was educated at Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale Vocational Technical Center, and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Later, in Keene New Hampshire, he was fully trained as a Waldorf teacher at Antioch New England Graduate School. His took his first Waldorf class from grades 1-5 at the Cape Cod Waldorf School, which included three years of 7th and 8th grade Anatomy and Physiology.  While there he served on the College of Teachers and as Faculty Chair.  Mr Wiley has also been a kindergarten teacher, a grades substitute teacher at Pine Hill Waldorf School, a college Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition teacher, a massage therapist, and a business accounts manager. He is married over 25 years with two children, now adults, both EWS alumni.