1st Grade



Special Subjects

FOREIGN LANGUAGE:  Spanish (Songs, Dances and Games, Poetry and Stories)

HANDWORK:  Garter Stitch Knitting, Creating Knitting Needles, Finger Weaving

EURYTHMY:  Establishing Timing, Coordination, and Spatial Awareness

MUSIC:  Singing, Pentatonic Flute, and Lyre



Learning and Modeling Good Classroom Behavior, Listening and Communicating Constructively, Developing Sense of Discernment

LANGUAGE ARTS:  Capital Letters, Oral Recitation, Introduction to Reading, Drama

LITERATURE:  Folk and Fairy Tales

MATHEMATICS:  Number Concept, The Four Operations (+, -, x, ÷), Number Patterns

SCIENCES:  Nature Study through Experiential Events

PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  Cooperative Games Led By The Class Teacher

PAINTING & FORM DRAWING:  Straight Line and Curve, Linear Forms

ART:  Beeswax Modeling


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