2nd Grade




Special Subjects

FOREIGN LANGUAGE:  Spanish (Songs, Dances and Games, Poetry and Stories, Alphabet and Numbers)

HANDWORK:  Knitting and Purling with Pattern Changes, Simple Hand Sewing

EURYTHMY:  Establishing Timing, Coordination, Spatial Awareness

MUSIC:  Pentatonic Flute, Lyre, Folk Songs, Singing



MAIN LESSON SKILLS:  Class/Group Dialogues, Experiencing Stories and Envisioning Themes and Outcomes

LANGUAGE ARTS:  Lower Case Letters, Parts of Speech, Reading, Oral Recitation, Drama

LITERATURE:  Fables, Folklore, Legends of Saints and Heroes, Native American Lore

MATHEMATICS:  The Four Operations Continued, Concrete Computation, Column Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication Facts

SCIENCES:  Nature Study – Qualities of Animals

PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  Cooperative Games within a Games Class

PAINTING & FORM DRAWING:  Linear Forms, Mirrored Forms

ART:  Beeswax Modeling


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