Special Subjects

FOREIGN LANGUAGE:  Spanish (Conversational, Grammar, Vocabulary, Latin Proverbs)

HANDWORK:  Hand Sewing Soft Sculpture: Gusseted Animals, Pattern Creation

PRACTICAL ARTS:  Woodworking (Convex Egg Forms, Wooden Swords)

EURYTHMY:  Interpretive, Emotional, and Spiritual Energy Expressed Through Movement

MUSIC:  Recorder, Orchestra, Chorus (Songs of Middle Ages, Roman Music)



MAIN LESSON SKILLS:  Academic Organization & Multi-tasking, Sciences, Roman Law

LANGUAGE ARTS:  Grammar and Composition, Spelling, Reading, Report Writing, Drama, Poetry

LITERATURE & HISTORY:  Troy, Rome, Jesus of Nazareth, The Crusades, Islam, Muhammad, Medieval Society & History, Mark Twain

MATHEMATICS:  Business Math (Decimals, Percentages, Interest Proportion, Profit and Loss), Economics, Computation and Problem Solving, Geometric Drawing


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