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How To Apply


Emerson Waldorf School is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1984. The school welcomes students of all races, colors, religions, national and ethnic origins, and from diverse family and economic backgrounds. We have programs that welcome families and students from pre-school to high school.

What kind of students are we looking for?

Our School is designed to meet the needs of children with an average and above average range of intellectual, emotional, and physical needs who do not present severe or persistent learning differences or challenges. While our approach appears to offer benefits to students with learning challenges (education through multiple modalities and emphasis on art and music), it has been our experience that the children who thrive in our environment are those who enjoy learning, do well in a auditory learning environment, are responsive to artistically rendering what has been presented orally in the lessons, can work independently and in groups, and can accept responsibility. To read more and view additional resources on this topic click here.

Our Admissions Process

STEP 1 - Complete the Online Inquiry

STEP 2 - Visit our campus 

STEP 3 - Complete the the Online Application (we continue to accept applications as class space allows)
The 2019-2020 Student Application will be available by November 1, 2018.

STEP 4 - Submit the Reference(s) and Transcripts (if applicable):  Reference and Transcript Request Form links are below.

[If your student has been home schooled, a recent Math and Reading Assessment are required. Contact for recommended assessment locations.]

STEP 5 - Schedule classroom visit and parent interview (preferably between January-May)

Application Deadlines for 2019-2020 Enrollment
The Emerson Waldorf School provides rolling admissions for all programs. Please submit an application at any time. The deadlines below provide a guideline for timely enrollment and tuition contract set-up.

January 1, 2019-December 31, 2019    Financial Aid Application for 2019-2020 Available for Submission
January 21, 2019                                  Nursery and Kindergarten Application Deadline for Early Admissions
February 25, 2018                                Grades 1-11 Application Deadline
March 2019                                          Notifications Sent
May 2019                                             Tuition Contracts Due
June 2019                                             Monthly Tuition Payments for 2019-2020 Start

The Director of Admissions will be in contact with you upon receipt of your Online Inquiry..

Please Note: A child must be the age listed below by June 1st, our age cut-off date.

  • 3 years Nursery (children enter the Nursery once they turn age 3 throughout the year)

  • 4-5 years Kindergarten

  • 6 years First grade

  • 7 years Second grade

  • 8 years Third grade

  • 9 years Fourth grade

  • 10 years Fifth grade

  • 11 years Sixth grade

  • 12 years Seventh grade

  • 13 years Eighth grade (no late fall or mid-year enrollments for 8th grade)

  • 14 years Ninth grade

  • 15 years Tenth grade

  • 16 years Eleventh grade

  • 17 years Twelfth grade (we do not accept applications for 12th grade students)