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Simplicity Parenting

 The PO invites you to spread the word to parents and guardians. This will be a wonderful opportunity for parents of enrolled EWS students and parents in the greater community to engage in a meaningful exchange while covering a multitude of topics. Last year, many of our families requested additional parenting resources and workshops, so we thought the Simplicity Parenting series would be a perfect fit! 

Parents and guardians of enrolled students are welcome to attend (without charge) monthly or participate in individual workshops. Be sure to RSVP via ParentSquare on the app calendar. Childcare details will be shared closer to the beginning of the school year for enrolled students.

Parents and guardians in the greater community are requested to Register Here


2018-2019 Gatherings
Sundays, 3-5pm
High School Brown Wing
Emerson Waldorf School, Chapel Hill, NC

Based on the book, Simplicity Parenting and The Soul of Discipline, by Kim John Payne

Registration Fee: Enrolled EWS parents and grandparents receive complimentary registration as this series was sponsored by the Parent Organization (PO) with PO Dues. Community parents and grandparents may attend for a suggested donation of $25 per class, or any amount the parent can contribute; the fee is not meant to hinder attendance. Community donations accepted at the door.

Facilitator Bio: Raelee Peirce is a a Certified Simplicity Parenting Family Life Consultant. Raelee is a parent of two children, ages 12 and 15. She has been working in the field of parent education since 1999. Through humor and a passion for parenting, Raelee shares a beautiful vision of creating Family Culture based on the principles of Waldorf Education and Simplicity Parenting. Raelee shares her musings at


September 23 - Love's Other Name - Discipline from Preschool to 3rd Grade
Being the "Governor" Parent. The How and the Why.

October 7 - Healthy Boundaries & Compliance Preschool to 3rd Grade
There are 5 Essentials to healthy compliance. Parents will find greater success before they give their child a direction following these steps! Learn to become the "Sun" in your household and the "planets" will align.

November 11 - Heartbeat of Your Home - Ritual and Rhythm
The importance of bedtime, transitions, meal planning, chores, and more!

December 2 - Soul Fever - Noticing & Treating Anxiety and Overwhelm
The growing pains of life show up in an emotional upset. It's all part of self-regulation. Learn to respond effectively and, when possible, prevent meltdowns.

January 13 - Simple Spaces - Creating a Waldorf Home Aesthetic
There's a magic in the Waldorf aesthetic. The physical space helps create the emotional climate. What are the essentials of creating lovely spaces.

February 3 - Love's Other Name - Discipline for all ages
The Big Picture of Development - Governor, Gardener, and Guide!

March 24 - Create Your Sustainable Family Schedule in a Busy World
Children thrive on activity. Activity without downtime is unsustainable. Find a new way forward where activity is balanced through sabbath moments.

April 28 - Waldorf's Relationship with Technology & Screens
Waldorf is not anti-tech, it's pro-connection. Explore this important relationship and discover when the world of tech and screens makes sense for kids.