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Simplicity Parenting Gathering

Join us for this 5-week course of lively discussion and practical implementation of the concepts shared in the books, The Soul of Discipline and Simplicity Parenting, by Kim John Payne.

Join the Governor Class or the Gardener Class.  Join us Monday evenings bi-monthly. The group will meet in the New High School Classroom located on the school's campus.



Register for the session based on your children's ages...

Fall Simplicity Parenting: The Governor Phase - Parents of Toddlers to Grade 2
Fall Simplicity Parenting: The Gardener Phase - Parents of Grade 3 to Grade 7

*A total of 10 EWS registered parents is required for each class to convene without cost to parents.


Governor Phase Class
Meets Mondays, 7:30pm-9:30pm

Sept 18 - Gathering 1: Soul of Discipline - Being the Governor
(Read Pages 3-134 in Soul of Discipline)

Oct 2 - Gathering 2: Why Simplify & Recognizing Soul Fever
(Read Chapter 1 & 2 in Simplicity Parenting)

Oct 23 - Session 3: Our Home Environment - Making space for peace
(Read Chapter 3 in Simplicity Parenting)

Nov 6 - Session 4: Smoothing Transitions - Using rhythm & predictability to increase cooperation
(Read Chapter 4 & 5 in Simplicity Parenting)

Nov 20 - Session 5: Filtering the Adult World - Protecting our child's heart
(Read Chapter 6 in Simplicity Parenting)

Dec 4 - Make-Up Class - If you missed a class, come to this session to receive the materials and an overview of what was discussed.

Gardener Phase Class
Meets Mondays 7:30pm-9:30pm

Sept 25 - Gathering 1: Why Simplify? - Creating Your Family Culture
(Read Chapter 1 in Simplicity Parenting)

Oct 9 - Gathering 2: Soul of Discipline - Becoming a Gardener
(Read Pages 3-49 and 99-169 in Soul of Discipline)

Oct 30 - Gathering 3: Soul of Discipline - Who does my child need me to be right now?
(Read Pages 213-253 in Soul of Discipline)

Nov 13 - Gatherng 4: Rhythm & Scheduling - Finding more life balance
(Read Chapter 4 & 5 in Simplicity Parenting)

November 27 - Gathering 5: Filtering - Parenting in the Digital Age
(Read Pages 265-294 in Soul of Discipline)

Dec 11 - Make-Up Class -  If you missed a class, come to this session to receive the materials and an overview of what was discussed.

MaterialsThe Soul of Discipline and Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne are not supplied. Parents are required to read the book material or listen to the audios. Audios can be purchased from the online store at

Payment: Nursery-High School Enrolled parents at the Emerson Waldorf School for the 2017-2018 school year can attend free of charge, unless there is less than 10 EWS parents enrolled for the class. Encourage fellow class parents to register! Parents who are not enrolled at the Emerson Waldorf School are most welcome to register. The fee for the course is $125.00 plus materials.

Registration Required

Facilitator Bio: This course is a great introduction to Waldorf family life if you are new to the school or curious about the home philosophy for creating a Waldorf family culture. Raelee Peirce, BA in Communication Studies: Marrage & Family Life from UNC-CH, Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach, and has been working with parents since 1996 in the capacity of a Parent Educator. In 2010, Raelee became trained in Simplicity Parenting and joined the Social Sustainability Team  and worked directly with Kim John Payne to launch his world-wide movement to support parents with this work.  In 2012, Raelee joined the administration team at the Emerson Waldorf School to help parents learn more about Waldorf education and support them in both the home and school realm.


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