About EWS Athletics

Our sports program instills discipline in students, strengthens their health and fitness, and gives them the chance to experience leadership and being a part of a team. Competition marks individual and team progress while exposing students and our entire school community to other independent High School students and families within Chapel Hill and Durham.


Athletic Team Policy

  • Inclusive teams, self chosen
  • “No cut” policy, so students are welcome to participate regardless of ability or skill
  • Student athletes must keep their commitment to attend practices and competitions on a regular basis
  • Students who desire to play a sport that is not offered at EWS are eligible to play for the public school district in which they reside  
  • Student athletes must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher from the previous semester and keep all major assignments current in order to participate in an extra-curricular activity

Athletic Forms

Athletic Teams

  • Soccer (Co-Ed, Grades 8-12, Fall Season: August-October)
  • Cross Country (Grades 6-12, Fall Season: August-October)
  • Basketball (Grades 6-12, Winter Season: November-February)
  • Ultimate Frisbee (Co-Ed, Grades 6-12, Spring Season: March-April)
  • Volleyball (Girls Grades 6-12, Fall Season: August-October)

Coach Qualifications

We are committed to having strong leaders as our coaches for each sports program. Some coaches are teachers or parents within our school community, while others are professionals in the area. We require that all coaches have standard First Aid and CPR training.


Meet the EWS Athletic Director! 


Ash Giri

Athletic Director


Ashwat “Ash” Giri earned his Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Minnesota. He moved to North Carolina from Minneapolis in 2017. Ashwat is a recent initiate to Waldorf Education, and is thrilled to be serving the student athletes at Emerson Waldorf School by administering the athletics program.