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A Vision for the 21st Century


A Vision for Our Future

At Emerson Waldorf School, students integrate their thinking, feeling, and willing while working to be in healthy relationship with each other and their teachers. Emerson is a place where students feel seen and heard, and can learn to see and hear others. We strive to create a culture of inclusivity, diversity and equity, enabling students to develop their capacities and become socially responsible, independent-thinking adults. A full, strong Eurythmy program is integral to achieving these outcomes.

A Solution for Violence

The stresses facing K-12 students are growing daily. From being forced into the adult realm too soon to the lure of social media and technology, our children are bombarded from every angle. 

The personal and emotional price of being subjected to a constant barrage of developmentally inappropriate situations and media has never been higher. Over the past 20 years, more than 228,000 students have been subjected to gun violence at school. If the perpetrators had felt heard and seen, if they could have harmoniously engaged their will, feelings and thoughts, would they have needed to act out in this deadly manner?

The Missing Piece

Emerson has a strong Waldorf curriculum, with one exception. Our current Eurythmy program is not large enough to bring Eurythmy to all the students nor can it serve the faculty, parent body or larger community. There is a vital and urgent need for the next generation of Eurythmists to join our community and provide instruction and support in all three educational spheres: social, therapeutic and artistic performance. Importantly, a space is needed that is specifically designed for and dedicated to Eurythmy if this discipline is to effectively serve the students and wider community.

Our Plan

  • Hire a second Eurythmist to work with our current teacher to expand the program to meet every single student at the school.

  • Build a space to house this program.

  • Continue to form a relationship with a Therapeutic Eurythmist to offer individual instruction to students in need of further support.

We envision these teachers working together with older students and community members to form a group to bring performances to the wider community in the Triangle and beyond.

We envision a robust Eurythmy program that will stimulate interest and participation in the art form now approaching the 100th anniversary of its existence in Waldorf schools as an educational and artistic discipline. (Eurythmy’s 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2012.)

The Cost

We estimate the total cost of this project to be $1,000,000.

  • Full-time Eurythmist for 10 years including annual salary, benefits, mentoring and professional development $500,000

  • Construction of new Eurythmy classroom and performance space $400,000

  • Accompanist for 10 years including salary and benefits $100,000

A Peaceful Future

The need for a full, strong Eurythmy program has never been greater. Emerson’s new program, small as it is in comparison to the national crisis, will be a critical step towards educating students in a way that helps to avert further devastation while producing a new generation of leaders with the ability to manifest a peaceful future.

Our program can continue to help children become compassionate, visionary citizens of the world who are in service to others.

You Can Make an Immediate Impact

We invite you to help make the fulfillment of our Eurythmy program a reality. Join us in honoring the work of people like Eve Olive, Christina Beck, and the other Eurythymy practitioners around the world who devote themselves to this discipline.

You can make gifts of cash, highly valued securities, or make a pledge to be fulfilled over the course of multiple years.

We will be pleased to review the naming opportunities for this project. All gifts of $1,000 or more will be listed on a plaque in the Administration Welcome Center.

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