Countdown to Waldorf 100

Waldorf 100 … what is it?  Maybe you’ve heard it mentioned? We are now 288 days away from the 100th birthday of the opening of the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany on September 19th, 1919. The celebration planning is already under way with worldwide events from spring of 2018 through the 2019-2020 school years. This is a special opportunity to reflect on the Waldorf education movement’s remarkable history and impact worldwide.

On the centennial anniversary of this day in history, a World Festival will take place in Berlin and will be attended by colleagues, graduates, and friends of Waldorf education from around the world. Here in North America, schools will celebrate this momentous day by hosting community gatherings, honoring their school founders, and  ringing in the future of Waldorf education with 100,000 points of light. And throughout the year, celebrations will take place around North America--within classrooms, during seasonal festivals, and at regional alumni gatherings.

  • The Association of Waldorf Schools North America (AWSNA), the Waldorf Early Childhood Association North America (WECAN), and the Alliance For Public Waldorf Education (AFPWE) are partnering in the development of Seeding the Future, a social impact campaign aimed at stimulating dialogue around human values in education and supporting initiatives that revitalize society. There are many ways you can participate in this year long celebration. We welcome your ideas and volunteering!  Waldorf 100 core projects include (but definitely not limited too):

  • Bees & Trees - Bees, these creatures of the sun, help many of our food crops to multiply, and at the same time show us the state of our souls: “The entire beehive is actually permeated with love life,” observed Rudolf Steiner. Bees are an image of the spiritual power that lends dignity to freedom: for the power of love that wants to become effective. But bees are dying all over the world. We want to step up and do something about it.  EWS has already begun work on Bees and Trees one of the core projects in Seeding the Future. The recent and upcoming February return visit by Gunter Hauk of Spikenard Farm along with the new farm committee are examples here. The EWS farm committee is moving forward on this initiative. The farm committee has a goal of becoming a biodynamically certified farm by the biodynamic association for Waldorf schools. We will form a small bee team of volunteers. Others are more than welcome to join us.

  • Postcard Exchange - The idea of exchanging postcards is as simple as it is enchanting: When every Waldorf school in the world mails just one postcard to every other Waldorf school in the world, then 1,100 postcards will arrive in every school!  EWS is well on its way on this project, both sending and receiving.  Next step is to develop a postcard display.

  • Marathon around the world - a sport project of Waldorf 100, because sport inspires people while also conveying the basic idea of Waldorf 100:  to connect the world. Volunteers to coordinate an EWS 5K and 10K event are needed.

  • Metamorphoses -a series of musical compositions written especially for our Centennial Celebration by master students from composition classes in leading music schools around the world. We’re waiting to receive a score and orchestrated sample to see if this is feasible with our orchestra.

  • Drama Project - Every century poses the question of what it means to be a human being in its time. Goethe pursued the idea in “Faust”, Ibsen in “Peer Gynt”, and since the technology revolution and globalization of present days, the search has become more existential than ever. In cooperation with leading modern artists, this drama project aspires to create a dramatic work for high school students that can be staged by all schools. More information forthcoming.

  • Founders Interviews – Worldwide Waldorf schools are interviewing school founders on both video and audio. Audio versions will go to the Library of Congress historical collections.  How are your interview and/or audio/video recording skills?  Volunteers needed.

  • Greenbee Wildlife Web Initiative – Beginning in September 2018, Waldorf schools across North America began creating a new ecologically-green 'continental parks system' in backyards, playgrounds, schoolyards, and public spaces. These new green spaces will support biodiversity and create a food-web for native species and wildlife in our local communities while helping raise awareness for the plight of the honeybee and its importance to our ecosystem. This will be an ongoing project. Volunteers needed.

  • Over the course of 2018 and 2019, 50,000 students in over 160 Waldorf schools across North America will be distributing close to 200,000 wildflower seed packets along with awareness-raising materials. THE GOAL IS TO PROTECT AND PRESERVE THE HONEYBEE AND CREATE A MORE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR OUR PLANET'S ECOLOGY. Volunteer coordinator needed.

  • Not every school will participate in each initiative

Let’s prepare to celebrate! We welcome your participation and your ideas!  
Please contact Mark or Gareth for more information.
Mark Eichinger-Wiese  <> and Gareth Dicker  <>
Co-chairs EWS Waldorf 100 Committee

Harry Kavros
Director of Administration

Robin Olson
for the College of Teachers

Mark Hulbert
for the Board of Directors

Kelly Masters-Melton-Woosley
for the Parent Organization

Organization Partners:

  • The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

  • The International Forum for Steiner/Waldorf education

  • The Waldorf Early Childhood Association (WECAN)

  • The Alliance for Public Waldorf Education

  • The Pedagogical Section Council of North America

  • The Research Institute for Waldorf Education

  • Waldorf Publications

  • Eurythmy Association

  • The Association for Healing Education

  • The Association for Anthroposophical Speech Arts

  • The Anthroposophical Society of the USA

  • The Council for Anthroposophical Organizations

  • The Anthroposophical Society of Canada

  • RSF Social Finance


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