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The Emerson Waldorf School grew out of a voluntary act to offer a school based on Rudolf Steiner’s teachings. This same spirit of voluntary action is alive now in the parent body who sign up for animal care, assist with a farm class, donate materials as needed, and share their skills. At the same time, our teachers are deeply committed to shaping the farm curriculum as we continue to invest in and grow the Emerson Farm. With community help and investment in our budding farm, we can co-create a truly life-sustaining place that has the potential to bear fruit for generations to come.

Emerson Waldorf is embarking on a new phase of its farm curriculum, among which is growing fruit trees and keeping bees. We have chosen to honor honey bees and trees in recognition of Waldorf 's 100 and Emerson's 35 year anniversaries.  This distinguished undertaking has shaped our event theme. The hive is the heart of the community and the tree branches reach out towards the sun to new heights.  

As we continue to grow the Emerson Farm through biodynamics and permaculture, the range of farming and farm-related activities for students will continue to broaden. Sheep to Shawl is a great example of this effort: sheep and a dye garden to lovingly care for, an annual Shearing festival for our community to attend, the tending of the wool passed from grade to grade through our handwork classes, and the beautiful, useful results. It is this active commitment to stewardship that will set our school apart and be a gift we can offer the community!

We would like to send out a big thank you to the sponsors, families, faculty, and staff who have donated countless hours, funds, and resources!

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