Amy Kortus

Amy Kortus teaches English Literature, which is fitting since she can often befound reading a book while attempting to accomplish other tasks (folding laundry, making dinner, waiting for the light to change). Amy received a B.S. in Literature with a focus in creative writing from Wheaton College, then went on to complete a M.S. in Church History at Wheaton the following year. For the last ten years, Amy has been teaching in a variety of capacities: in a high school classroom teaching English, at the kitchen counter homeschooling her children, and in her music studio giving private harp lessons. Amy has done teacher training in Wilton, is enrolled in Foundation Studies, and has attended Renewal Courses in New Hampshire. Amy and her husband Thomas live in Durham, where they take turns keeping track of their chickens (nine), children (four), and mismatched socks (nineteen and counting).