Benjamin Trueblood

Mr. Trueblood joined the EWS faculty in 2006 and taught that class from 2nd to their culminating 8th grade year; he began a new class of students in 1st grade for another grades journey the fall of 2013. He was born in Chicago, attended the Chicago Waldorf School beginning in Kindergarten, and was a member of their first High School graduating class. He attended Warren Wilson College in Asheville for 2 years, where he studied “everything”, and then took a break to travel in India for 6 months. Returning to the States, he transferred to the University of Georgia and studied Anthropology, which included fieldwork in Budapest and Transylvania on the Roma people and the interaction between music and the cultural and political position of the Roma. Mr. Trueblood is also interested in experimental “Music Concrete” and recently released a record album (Record Link ) and CD (CD Link).