Christina Beck

American eurythmist Christina Beck trained with Else Klink in the 1970s at the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart, Germany and went on to perform in the ensemble. In 1982, she became the pedagogical eurythmist at the Washington Waldorf School, a position she held for twenty-one years while also performing professionally. In 2005, she joined the core faculty of Eurythmy Spring Valley, training eurythmists and performing in the ensemble for eight years as well as directing the eurythmy teacher training in collaboration with Sunbridge College; until accepting a position in pedagogical eurythmy at Emerson Waldorf School in North Carolina in 2013. In addition to her work at the school, she collaborates with musicians, speech artists and others in performance, mentors waldorf teachers, eurythmists,  and eurythmists in training and teaches adult eurythmy classes.