High School Faculty

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Laura Guinan

High School Art


Ms. Guinan began teaching art in the Emerson Waldorf High School in 2008. In 2011, she completed her Waldorf High School Teacher Training through The Center for Anthroposophy and continues to seek opportunities to inspire her art and teaching. Laura grew up in Texsas, where she obtained a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas. Her love of art, culture, and travel has led her throughout most of the United States, much of Europe, Mexico, and Canada. After meeting her husband, a Texan living in Italy, she earned her MS in Art Education at The Pennsylvania State University, and then settled down for 8 years in Wyoming, where she made and taught art. While there, she won a Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship, as well as an Ucross Foundation Residency. Laura and her husband left the West for Chapel Hill in 2001. They are currently happily raising their two children, Luci and Nico, and a bunch of chickens.


Eric Meckley

High School History & Humanities


Eric Meckley, a husband and father of three, is completing his PhD in American Literature at UNC-Chapel Hill and writing a dissertation on American Civil War veterans who wrote fiction and poetry about their wartime experiences. Before enrolling at Carolina, Eric completed a Master of Divinity degree at Duke University. He also has a BA from the University of Chicago, where an interdisciplinary humanities major allowed him to study a wide range of subjects including American and Latin American literature, classical philosophy, Enlightenment thought, Reformation history, and Russian history and literature. An enthusiast of the arts and athletics, Eric is excited to join the EWS students and staff in their holistic approach to education.


Amy Kortus

High School Literature & Humanities


Amy received a B.S. in Literature with a focus in creative writing from Wheaton College, then went on to complete a M.S. in Church History at Wheaton the following year. For the last ten years, Amy has been teaching in a variety of capacities: in a high school classroom teaching English, at the kitchen counter homeschooling her children, and in her music studio giving private harp lessons. Amy has done teacher training in Wilton, is enrolled in Foundation Studies, and has attended Renewal Courses in New Hampshire. Amy and her husband Thomas live in Durham, where they take turns keeping track of their chickens (nine), children (four), and mismatched socks (nineteen and counting).


Catherine Reyes

High School Life Sciences & Chemistry


Catherine Reyes earned an S.B. in Materials Science and Engineering with a concentration in Literature from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000. Six years later, she earned a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a dissertation combining cell biology, biochemistry, and engineering principles to improve medical device integration. She has many years of experience teaching science, engineering, writing, and handwork to students of all ages, from elementary to graduate school. Catherine has three children at Emerson Waldorf School and believes strongly that the Waldorf approach can support a rigorous science curriculum that enlivens the


Gareth Dicker

High School Physical Sciences & Math


Gareth Dicker grew up in New Jersey and moved to Montreal to study mechanical engineering at McGill University. He completed a masters degree there working on aerial mechatronics and control systems. Meanwhile, he worked as a community builder in the Yellow Door community in Montreal, serving as Vice President of the board and creating creative and meditative programming for youth in high schools and university. He has been studying anthroposophy for eight years and is interested in all of its fields of influence, from education to biodynamics, social life, architecture, music and technology. Unprofessionally, he enjoys, among other things, violin improvisation, singing and songwriting, woodcarving/burning, rock climbing, contact dancing, acting, bicycling, and woodland running.


Kent Ford

High School Math


Mr Ford Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Davidson College in 2009 where he received the "William D. Vinson Award" from the Department of Mathematics. This award recognizes unusual mastery in the field and significant promise for further study.

"I love mathematics as an exploration of fundamental patterns, lending a guiding language to mystical inquiry."


Yanina Criolani

High School Spanish


Yanina Criolani was born in Argentina and arrived in NC in 2005. Among her degrees, she obtained an Elementary Teacher degree in Argentina and BA in Hispanic Linguistics from UNC Chapel Hill. At the moment, she is working on her Masters degree in Translation (focused on Literary translations). She is committed not only to teaching Spanish as a language, but also to connecting the students with all of the aspects of the Hispanic culture (tradition, food, literature, media, etc). Sra. Criolani and Sra. D’Angelo created a very successful Student Exchange program between students from Sra. Criolani’s hometown in Argentina (Bustinza) and Emerson Waldorf. Sra. Criolani loves to travel around the world and explore new cultures; she also enjoys drinking ‘mate’ with friends.

Rachael Abbott

High School Eurythmy