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Kim D'Angelo

Lower & Middle School Spanish Teacher

Senora D’Angelo graduated from Montana State University with a BA in Modern Languages and Education, and a specialization in flute pedagogy. She has lived in several Latin American countries, with professional experiences including performing as principal flautist in the city orchestra of Cuenca, Ecuador, and teaching ESL in Lima, Peru. While teaching HS Spanish for 6 years in Florida, Kim was a founding parent of a Waldorf preschool, and completed a semester of Waldorf teacher training. In December 2005 the D'Angelos moved to North Carolina to be part of the EWS community. Kim has completed foundation studies and Waldorf foreign language training, and now mentors, evaluates and provides workshops to language teachers in various parts of the country. Kim has taught Spanish at EWS in 1st-8th since the fall of 2006. She created a summer community service culture program to Guatemala, now in its fourth year, for U.S. Waldorf high school students to work with Guatemalan Waldorf children. She is the mother of two Waldorf children, both of whom now support her with the Guatemala Waldorf connection!


Christina Beck

Eurythmy Teacher

American eurythmist Christina Beck trained with Else Klink in the 1970s at the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart, Germany and went on to perform in the ensemble. In 1982, she became the pedagogical eurythmist at the Washington Waldorf School, a position she held for twenty-one years while also performing professionally. In 2005, she joined the core faculty of Eurythmy Spring Valley, training eurythmists and performing in the ensemble for eight years as well as directing the eurythmy teacher training in collaboration with Sunbridge College; until accepting a position in pedagogical eurythmy at Emerson Waldorf School in North Carolina in 2013. In addition to her work at the school, she collaborates with musicians, speech artists and others in performance, mentors waldorf teachers, eurythmists, and eurythmists in training and teaches adult eurythmy classes.


Mashobane Moruthane

Movement Teacher


Wendy Ziegler

Lower & Middle School Handwork Teacher

Mrs. Ziegler discovered Waldorf Education online while searching for a pedagogy that values holistic child development. In 2013, she started teaching at EWS as the handwork assistant. She completed her certification in the Applied Arts Program of the Fiber Craft Studio in 2017 and took over as the full-time Handwork Teacher in 2018. Previously, she earned a BS in Human Development and Family Studies, an AAS degree in Early Childhood Education, and several related certificates. For 20+ years, she has volunteered and taught in a variety of settings including public schools, preschools, child development centers, summer camps, and a reuse arts center. She has been an advocate for “loose parts” and adventure play, and has facilitated workshops for early childhood professionals and parents.


Erika Martinez

Lower School Handwork Assistant

Ms. Martinez is a Durham-based sewist and potter. She is the owner and maker for her company, Happy Unicorn Studio. She specializes in making fabric handbags, purses and accessories. She has been part of the Sew Crafty team as an assistant sewing teacher since 2016 and she works in their after school and summer camp program. Prior to opening her business, she was a Director of Human Resources for over 16 years. Erika has a passion for the arts and it has been part of her life in some form since she picked up her first camera in the 6th grade.


Jason Child

Music Teacher

Mr. Child completed his master’s in music education in 1992, and has been teaching ever since. He began as music director at the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, NC in 2005, and has taught 1st - 12th grade music, including choruses and bands. In 2017 his he was chosen by the faculty to be the lower school chair, and now teaches music only part time. Jason is member of the Leadership Council of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA), and is also involved in organizational development for Waldorf schools in the southeastern United States. Jason does mentoring and evaluation of teachers throughout North America, has been the keynote speaker for the Seminario Waldorf de AWSNA, 2015-2017, and has presented numerous workshops for the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools, the Association for Waldorf Music Education, and more. Jason’s is the father of four Waldorf students.


Miguel Zaparolli

Strings Ensemble Teacher

Miguel comes to us highly educated and experienced. He holds a masters and doctorate degree, and has performed all over the world in several renowned festivals and venues. Miguel is a dedicated pedagogue; he has taught at many music conservatories, academies, and camps and is looking forward to bringing his passion for music and expertise to our strings program this year.


Christopher Adkins

Guitar Teacher

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 11.34.56 AM.png

Mark E-W

Artist in Residence/Blacksmithing Teacher

Mr. E-W, as we know him on campus, is our Artist in Residence at Emerson helping Mr. Moyers in the woodshop, instructing high school blacksmithing and evening adult blacksmithing classes in the EWS smithy, and photographing campus events. Off campus Mr. E-W volunteers on the board of directors of several justice non-profit organizations and ROC Wheels, a wheel chair non-profit organization which brings mobility to severely handicapped children around the world. Other volunteer positions prior to his family's move to North Carolina included president of the board of an independent blood bank and serving on the vestry of Saint Mark's Cathedral in Seattle. Mr. E-W's wife Andrea Eichinger-Wiese is a kindergarten teacher at EWS, his daughter Alex graduated from the EWS high school in 2017, and his son Hans is a musician in Portland, OR.


Peter Moyers

Practical Arts and High School Drama Teacher

Mr. Moyers joined the Emerson Waldorf School faculty in 1992 as a class teacher and took a class from grades 1-8. After a year’s sabbatical in Europe, he returned to EWS and continued class teaching in the middle school. In the fall of 2009, he became the Practical Arts teacher; he also helps to teach circus arts and helps to direct many class plays. Mr. Moyers was born in England, spent his first three years in the Sudan, and the next ten years in Ireland. He then moved back to England and finished school and University there and in France. He did his Waldorf Teacher Training at Emerson College. Mr. Moyers has also worked as a carpenter and in a professional theater company. He has been known to catch hummingbirds in his hand, and then release them when you least expect it! He is married with four children, all of whom have attended EWS.


Hannah Gatner

Middle School Math Teacher


Jessica Meyers

Educational Support Coordinator

Dr. Jessica Meyers is a board-certified Physical Therapist and has been concentrating specifically on pediatrics and the impact movement (or lack of movement) has on learning and behavior for the past 5 years. She earned her Doctorate and Masters degrees from Nova Southeastern University in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida after completing her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology with a concentration in Nutrition from East Carolina University. Jessica has experience working in schools across Durham county, specializing in children that have coordination, balance, postural control deficits, and, immature motor patterns.


Suzanne Mays

Lyre Teacher

The Emerson Waldorf School has been a large part of Suzanne’s life and her husband's since 1983. Her professional work is as a certified music practitioner ( bringing live, prescriptive-therapeutic music to the bedside for those who are ill or at the end of life. The instrument she uses is a large 49-string lyre. At the Emerson Waldorf School her lyre has been heard every December at the annual Spiral of Light.


Beth Shirey

Piano Accompanist


Kristin McGee

Farm Teacher, Summer Camp Director, After School Director

Farmer Kristin has had her hands in the earth since 1999 when she headed out to Perry-winkle Farm in Chatham County to learn a little about growing vegetables. She took that knowledge to the Peace Corps where she was an agriculture volunteer in Kenya, training women's groups on sustainable farming practices and working with children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. Upon returning to the U.S in 2003, Kristin kept farming at an organic family farm while also pursuing her Masters of Social Work at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. When she is not at the farm, Kristin can be found near the EWS Kindergarten with her son, or at the Lower School with her daughter, or at home working with her hands.


Metta Prieto

Middle School Coming of Age / High School Life Skills

Ms. Prieto was born and raised on the island of O'ahu in the state of Hawaii, and grew up attending the Honolulu Waldorf School. Pursuing her education post High School took her Eastward across the US, as she studied Psychology as an undergrad in the state of Utah, and then landed in North Carolina for the Masters in Social Work program at UNC Chapel Hill. Ms. Prieto teaches both the Coming of Age Program (to 5th through 8th graders) as well as co-teaching the High School Health, Wellness, and Sexuality Program. She can't think of anything more exciting or more important than supporting parents, and guiding young people in the pursuit of healthy physical, emotional, mental, and sexual development!