Strategic Plan:

Program Development & Support






Strengthen Math and Science Programs

  • Vertically integrate math curriculum

  • Hire math faculty

  • Owner: College of Teachers

  • Parent Satisfaction Survey

  • High School Student Surveys

  • Student assessment scores (internal & external assessments)

Expand Movement Programs

  • Binary

  • Extend Physical Education/Movement and Eurythmy to Grades 1 and 2

  • Preserve full school block Eurythmy coverage

  • Professional Development for movement

  • Owner: College of Teachers

Improve Student Support Program Processes and Services

  • Hire part-time Student Support Coordinator concentrating on bridging mainstream and Waldorf-centric worlds

  • Develop a Strategic Plan for Student Support Program

  • Develop systematic process for student assessment and needs coordination

  • Define and implement bridge processes from middle school to high school

  • Owner: College of Teachers

  • Parent Satisfaction Survey

  • Student assessment scores

  • Attrition rate

Enrich Social Development of Students

  • Implement Coming of Age program changes

  • Implement 'Cyber Civics' program for Grades 6-8 Continue development of high school life skills program

  • Review curriculum targeted to social/emotional well-being of students

  • Owner: College of Teachers

  • Parent Satisfaction Survey

Integrate Sustainability into the full life of the school

  • Hold all-school visioning sustainability workshop

  • Conduct demonstrations of natural building techniques involving middle and high school students

  • Owner: College of Teachers