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School Governance 

As is customary in Waldorf schools, the Emerson Waldorf School is governed by a three-fold structure comprised of the Board of Directors and Administration, which is responsible for legal and financial matters and the day-to-day running of the school, the College of Teachers and Faculty, who are responsible for pedagogical matters and teaching the students, and the Parent Organization, which provides education and support for the school through the Head, Heart, and Hands committees.



The College of Teachers is the guardian of the curriculum, the identity and the mission of the school. This is the body which makes final decisions about which teachers join or leave the school and which programs are offered (within budgetary limits). The College meets weekly, on Thursday evenings, and works collaboratively and through consensus. Its primary mission is to nurture and support the ideals of Waldorf Education within the school. It is comprised of experienced teachers, who have been at Emerson for at least several years, and others who may be invited to join. The College has a Chairperson, and parents are welcome to communicate directly with her about any pedagogical concerns–although it is best to speak first with your child’s class teacher when possible.

Members of the College of Teachers for the 2018-2019 year are:

  • Robin Olson, College Chair

  • Jason Child

  • Viorica Comaniciu

  • Patricia Cornell

  • Kim D'Angelo

  • Laura Guinan

  • Therisa Pienaar

  • Christina Beck

  • Kris Ritz

  • Malina Stoychev

  • Benjamin Trueblood

  • Harry Kavros



The Board of Directors is comprised of parents, alumni, faculty, and friends of the school who have been invited to join as members, plus one Parent Representative elected by the Parents’ Organization, and the school’s Administrator, who is an ex-officio member. The Board supports the work of the administration and the College of Teachers by discussing and making recommendations on budgets and finance, legal matters, fundraising and development, and long-range planning. Regular members serve for a term of three years, while the PO representative serves for one year. The Board has several standing committees, including a Finance Committee and a Long-Range Planning Committee, and may establish temporary committees and Task Forces to accomplish special tasks. Members of the community are welcome to refer matters of concern to the Board through written communication with the chairperson or by attendance at the open session of the Board held at the beginning of its regular meetings. Board minutes are kept in a file in the Main Office and are available to the community.

Members of the Board for 2018-2019 are:

  • Mark Hulbert, President — Senior Columnist, MarketWatch; markets and investments strategies analyst; writer, speaker, commentator

  • Peter McKinnis, Secretary — Software Architect, Enterprise Architect’s Group; TIBCO Spotfire; Alumni Parent

  • Mark Davis — Owner, Stay Safe Monitoring; Entrepreneur; Marketing Strategist

  • Sims Preston — Advisor, IMPATHIQ (human informatics); Advisor, EventOps; Advisor, Ohana Pediatrics

  • Laura Guinan — EWS High School Fine Arts Teacher; High School Section Chair; member, College of Teachers

  • Michael Awai — Senior Director, Intelligent Automation; Avande

  • Robin Olson — EWS Kindergarten Teacher; chair, College of Teachers

  • Amy Johnson — Director of the Elon Core Curriculum and Associate Professor of History, Elon University

  • Corey McIntyre — CFO at National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)

  • Charles Viles — Solutions Engineer at DigitalRoute; Alumni Parent

  • Dushyanth Surakanti — Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer at Promius Pharma LLC

  • Therisa Pienaar — EWS Lower School Coordinator; member, College of Teachers; Alumni Parent

  • Harry Kavros — ex-officio; Emerson Waldorf School Director of Administration



Harry Kavros • Director of Administration • ext. 111 •

Harry has a BA from Haverford College and a PhD in English, with a specialty in Renaissance literature, from UC Berkeley. He has held management positions on Wall Street, The Ford Foundation, Columbia Law School, and Fordham University. Though Harry is a recent transplant to North Carolina, he has already put down strong roots, joining the board of The Orange County Historical Museum, serving as President of The Friends of Orange County Public Library, and teaching English courses at Durham Technical Community College and raising money for Book Harvest to buy books for K-5 students in minority school districts. Harry has published research on Old English poetry and Shakespeare. His books include a Financial Dictionary, a book of essays on the Cretan culture of his grandparents (Dandelions and Honey), conversation of canonical texts of Western literature (Hexameron), and a manuscript entitled Notes from an Accidental Farmer.



For details about the PO, please visit the dedicated page on the website: Parent Organization