Harry Kavros

Director of Administration • ext. 111 • hkavros@emersonwaldorf.org

Harry has a BA from Haverford College and a PhD in English, with a specialty in Renaissance literature, from UC Berkeley. He has held management positions on Wall Street, The Ford Foundation, Columbia Law School, and Fordham University. Though Harry is a recent transplant to North Carolina, he has already put down strong roots, joining the board of The Orange County Historical Museum, serving as President of The Friends of Orange County Public Library, and teaching English courses at Durham Technical Community College and raising money for Book Harvest to buy books for K-5 students in minority school districts.Harry has published research on Old English poetry and Shakespeare. His books include a Financial Dictionary, a book of essays on the Cretan culture of his grandparents (Dandelions and Honey), conversation of canonical texts of Western literature (Hexameron), and a manuscript entitled Notes from an Accidental Farmer.


Raelee Peirce

Director of Admissions • ext. 114 • admissions@emersonwaldorf.org

Raelee Peirce is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and, although she has lived out West and up North, thinks of herself as a North Carolinian. Raelee brings her knowledge and passion for parent education to her Admissions work. She is a trained Simplicity Parenting Leader and Parent Coach and formerly worked with family therapist and author, Kim John Payne. She and her husband have been in the EWS community since 2009, and their 2 children attend EWS. Shepherding families through the Admissions process at EWS is something that comes naturally to Raelee, and she feels blessed to be part of such a supportive community.

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Deb Feinberg

Development Director • ext. 117 • dfeinberg@emersonwaldorf.org

Deb Feinberg first encountered Waldorf education as a child, joining the festival life at Green Meadow Waldorf School outside New York City. After a twenty-year career in television in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, she shifted her focus onto beginning a family. While living outside Washington, DC, Deb became an active parent at the Washington Waldorf School and Acorn Hill Kindergarten and Nursery. She also served on the Board of Acorn Hill for several years. After moving to Florida, Deb became the Admissions Director at Suncoast Waldorf School in the Tampa Bay area. She has also consulted to Potomac Crescent Waldorf School in Alexandria, VA and Sanderling Waldorf School in Northern Coastal San Diego County, CA. Deb is a fellow of the Betsy Magness Leadership Institute, a former member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and past president of the board of the Washington, DC chapter of Women in Cable & Television. She holds a BA in Journalism and has studied at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC and Colorado Springs, CO. Deb is an avid birder and loves to learn the stories about how individuals and families connect with Waldorf education.


Mary Deutsch

Finance Director • ext. 112 • mdeutsch@emersonwaldorf.org

Mary started working as our full-time Finance Director in 2012. Her background in bank accounting and budgeting has allowed EWS to rely on her expertise and she is a beloved and integral part of the administration team. The Deutsch family moved from Richmond, VA where their children attended Richmond Waldorf. Both children attended Emerson Waldorf and are now thriving in College and Graduate School, their focus on Math, Science, and Accounting degrees!



Ian Ostrowski

Facilities Manager • ext. 129 • iostrowski@emersonwaldorf.org

Strong as a bear, wise as a mountaintop guru, noble and swift as a samurai, Ian patiently bears out the requests of the masses whilst beautifully and efficiently tending the EWS grounds and facilities.



Lynda Hollar

Reception/Administrator's Assistant • Middle School Volleyball Coach • ext. 110 • lhollar@emersonwaldorf.org

Lynda Stinson Hollar grew up moving every few years, from Kalamazoo as a young child, to places east and west, before finally finding her “roots” on a farm in Silk Hope, NC.  Lynda is married and has four adult children living outside the home.  She is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and a certified yoga instructor.  Although not formally trained in the “wisdom of Waldorf,” she feels quite at home here from her 15 years of studying and eventually teaching Hatha yoga.   Lynda has gained a deep reverence for all sentient life through the awareness and acute focus that one brings to yoga practice, and from time spent each day working on the farm.  She believes that the universe has always conspired to lead her into a more authentic expression her innermost being, which is how she found her way to Emerson Waldorf School.


Sarah Hatami

Receptionist • Handwork Assistant • shatami@emersonwaldorf.org

Sarah Hatami received a B.A. in Physics from Mount Holyoke College and an M.S. in Physics from the University of Colorado, then moved to Cali, Colombia to develop Science and Math curricula for Fundaec, a nongovernmental organization that provides High School education and training to children living in the rural areas of Latin America. She later relocated to Israel, where she continued her work with Fundaec and also apprenticed in a conservation lab repairing and restoring old books. Sarah and her husband moved to Carrboro in 2015 and immediately enrolled their two daughters at EWS. She loves Waldorf education and is excited to put her background to use at the High School, teaching both Physics and Bookbinding. In the mornings, she can be found at the Reception desk in the Main Office, answering the phone or putting band-aids on scraped knees. 


Therisa Pienaar

Lower School Coordinator • ext. 120 • tpienaar@emersonwaldorf.org

Therisa Pienaar moved to North Carolina from South Africa in 2007. Her family fell in love with the Emerson Waldorf School, and her son joined the school in the second grade. Ms Pienaar immediately became involved in the community, taking on the responsibility of Treasurer for the Parent Organization and then moved into the Lower School office as an Assistant to the Finance Director. Therisa brings with her 12 years of experience as a teacher in both Independent and public schools in South Africa and also in Kenya. Because of the nature of her husband's job, the Pienaar family has moved around a lot, with the result that Therisa’s teaching career ended up being very rich and varied. Her position as High School


Keianna Matthews

High School Counselor & Coordinator • kmatthews@emersonwaldorf.org

Keianna Matthews has a unique view of the college admissions. She has experience on both sides of the desks, having over 6 years of College Admissions experience before transitioning to the high school side.  Her experience as a college admission counselor at Xavier University and an outside reader with George Washington University have helped her gain a true insight into the college process for high school students.  Serving as the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment at Xavier University, is where she developed a passion for helping students find the college that was the fit for them. She moved to North Carolina in 2015 with her husband, Christopher, and their 3 children – Gabe, Kayla, and Avery.