Strategic Plan:

Teaching Excellence






Strengthen Pedagogical Leadership

  • Vertically integrate math curriculum

  • Grow empowered Section Chair structure

  • Add full time Administrative Coordinator for Grades

  • Evaluate efficacy of evolving pedagogical leadership structure

  • Define scope and responsibilities of Pedagogical Lead / Director
    -Devise two (2) new strategies for Identifying Applicants
    -Develop Recruiting Packet for prospective candidates

  • Owner: College of Teachers

  • Parent Satisfaction Survey

  • Attrition Rate

Improve the Quality of Teaching

  • Professional development budget

  • Teacher surveys

  • Attrition rate

  • Create Culture Supportive of Professional Development

  • Dedicated funding for Professional Development

  • Restructure Professional Development Oversight

  • Owner: College of Teachers & Board of Directors

Grow and Retain Strong Teachers

  • Continue development of Internship Program for Lower School

  • Seed Teacher Education Program

  • Execute Fall Waldorf Day in conjunction with Sunbridge

  • Develop Summer Course Proposal

  • Continue implementation of salary increases and benefit restructuring

  • Develop 5 year plan for future increases

  • Explore alternatives to the Grade 1 --> Grade 8 class teacher cycle

  • Owner: College of Teachers

  • Rate of teacher turnover

  • Quality of teacher pipeline

  • Quantity of teacher pipeline