Strategic Plan

Emerson Waldorf School’s Strategic Plan represents a five-year schedule of work for continuous improvement.

The College of Teachers and Board of Directors work together to prioritize and implement the Plan goals.

Each Focus Area is segmented into goals. Each Goal has an owner and metrics to measure progress.

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Teaching Excellence

  • Strengthen Pedagogical Leadership

  • Improve the Quality of Teaching

  • Grow and Retain Strong Teachers


Program Development & Support

  • Strengthen Math and Science Programs

  • Expand Movement Programs

  • Improve Student Support Program Processes and Services

  • Enrich Social Development of Students

  • Integrate Sustainability into the full life of the school

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Diversity & Equity

  • Increase the cultural competency of faculty, staff, board and community

  • Identify, Recruit and Support Faculty and Staff of Color

  • Diversify the EWS curriculum and festival life to be more reflective of our community

  • Attract and Support Families and Students of Color and Diverse Backgrounds

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Financial Stability & Growth

  • Grow Operational Reserves to $250,000

  • Grow Development Income and Impact

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Sustainable Enrollment

  • Increase EWS exposure, reach and reputation in wider community to attract more students

  • Increase retention rates at all levels of the school

  • Provide more and consistent opportunities for parents to volunteer at the school

  • Increase parent satisfaction levels

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Campus & Facilities Improvements

  • Improve Campus Safety and Security

  • Provide for school's growing transportation needs

  • Ensure that EWS can meet future capital expenditure needs

  • Continued progress towards implementation of the EWS Master Plan


Growing & Supporting the High School

  • Strengthen Math and Science Programs

  • Change Perception of High School to academically rigorous

  • Strengthen capacity of High School to support all aspects of the High School experience.