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7th Grade

Higher Academics With A Creative Voice

In seventh grade, the students often start their year with a block in Perspective Drawing. Through this subject, the students learn the exacting application of geometric laws and accompanying artistic skill. Geometry has immediate practical value. To make an accurate drawing of a house, of the interior space of a room, or specific details of a staircase requires perspective constructions. This develops an awareness and sense of objective observation. The atmosphere that is created in this block allows room for the sharing of ideas and encourages students to work together, thus creating a peer learning environment.

In history, students begin with The Renaissance, which highlights human strengths and weaknesses. From Joan of Arc’s astounding courage to the genius father of this era, Leonardo Da Vinci, students are inspired to create intricate and beautifully detailed main lesson books. The masters Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael, Tintoretto, and Durer inspire students to perform at their highest level. The next block, The Reformation, evokes perspectives of The Church and reformers all across Europe. It is insightful for the students to comprehend how a needed change can be easily turned into a fanaticism that can lead to chaos. Next comes The Age of Exploration, which meets the students’ inner drive to see over the next ridge and to find a path no one has ever found before.

In the science realm, seventh graders study Chemistry and Physics. In Chemistry, students observe the qualities of combustion by building a fire and are introduced to the lime cycle and the effects of acids and bases. In Physics, they embark on the study of Mechanics and delve into Motion. In learning the practical uses of the lever, students lift major boulders and even picnic tables with seventh graders sitting on them! They also work with pulleys and dive into the study of electricity.

Geography becomes truly global this year, and each student studies a country in depth and writes and presents an in-depth report. In Math, algebraic concepts are introduced and practiced in preparation for eighth grade Algebra. The basics of Euclidean Geometry are also introduced. In Language Arts, each student immerses themselves in words and draws inspiration from within and without. A balance is negotiated between the range of forms (rhyme, meter, and style) and the creative voice of each student writer.

One might liken seventh grade to a long journey at sea, in which all of one’s capacities are challenged, thus awakening new skills.

Special Subjects

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: German & Spanish (Conversational, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary)

PRACTICAL ARTS: Woodworking, Hand Sewing

EURYTHMY: Exploring Interpretive Expression Through Movement

MUSIC: Recorder, Singing, Orchestra, Chorus (Motets, Madrigals, Music of Renaissance), Band (Options for Wind or Percussion Instruments Introduced)

7th Grade

Malina Stoychev

Grade 7 Teacher